Nearly 100 New Oregon and Washington Beer Labels Submitted to TTB since July 1, 2015

Since the first of July 2015, we’ve scrounged through submitted beer labels (including keg necker rings) from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (aka the TTB) and searched for Oregon and Washington beer submittals. Lots of interesting finds. Some you may already be familiar with and others are winter releases ready to launch (i.e Deschutes Jubelale etc).Some names seem a bit unoriginal (re: 10 Barrel Gigantor, JD’s L.S.D.), and others have already come and gone as limited draught-only releases. We are excited for the pumpkin beers coming out soon such as Heathen’s Sinderalea and Elysian’s Gourdia on My Mind (well known for being the but of Anheuser-Busch’s infamous Super Bowl ad that ticked off a lot of craft beer lovers, especially in light of Elysian’s sale to AB/InBev just prior to the first running of the ad spot. Any ol’ way, Brewpublic is enthused by all the specialty brews to be featured at this year’s KillerBeerWeek happening statewide across Oregon from October 16 through October 25, 2015. So, yeah, back to those labels…

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