Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0% Makes its U.S. Debut

The new Paulaner Weizen-Radler 0.0% Alcohol Free malt beverage.

A new non-alcoholic beer has arrived in the United States from the world-famous Paulaner Brewery. The Munich brewer has recently exported its Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0% to the United States via Paulaner USA, its U.S. importer.

Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0% is a new alcohol-free beer that truly arrives without any alcohol. Whereas most non-alcoholic beer arrives at 0.05% ABV, this new offering from Paulaner is free of any alcohol while offering up an approachable flavor that’ll satisfy any craving for a fruited wheat beer.

The new Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0% is meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients, blending tradition and innovation to deliver its world-class, flavorful experience without any alcohol. Being that this alcohol-free beer is a radler, there is plenty of refreshing lemon flavor that is quite prominent in the beverage. But behind this fruit, the flavors of a Paulaner Weizen do come through to offer an enjoyable drinking experience, especially when an occasion such as a workday lunch does not allow for any alcohol.

With the distinctive Paulaner taste, Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0% is a testament to the brand’s brewing expertise and proven dedication to delivering an unparalleled drinking experience. Brewed to perfection, this new addition to the Paulaner portfolio stays true to the Paulaner brand, offering an alcohol-free experience without sacrificing flavor or craftsmanship

“As the demand for non-alcoholic alternatives continues to rise in the United States, it is important for the brewery to craft a brew that meets the needs of this growing customer base,” stated Steve Hauser, President and CEO of Paulaner USA. “With the launch of Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0%, we’re thrilled to release what we know to be a great choice for consumers searching for this alternative.”

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