Payette Brewing To Release Wet ‘n Wilder Chinook Wet Hop Ale

Payette Brewing Wet ‘n Wilder Chinook Wet Hop Ale. (photo courtesy of Payette Brewing)

When it comes to hop crops, Idaho is the third largest state when it comes to hop growing acreage behind Washington and Oregon. Idaho’s hop acreage has been growing during recent years and its farms are situated from the Boise area all of the way to the Canadian border.

Payette Brewing has been taking advantage of its near by hop farms for quite a few years. The Boise based brewer is located less than 35 miles from Gooding Farms in Parma, Idaho. This close proximity sees the return of its seasonal favorite, Wet ‘n Wilder Chinook Wet Hop Ale.

Returning for its sixth year, Wet ‘n Wilder has been a very popular draft offering over the years. Now for the first time Wet ‘n Wilder will be available in six-pack cans.

“We source our wet hops from Gooding Farms in Wilder, Idaho,” states Paige Coyle, Payette Marketing Director, in a statement. “The hops are cut in the field just before they are put in a brew. We gather them straight off the conveyer after they are stripped from the bine and sent to the drying room. They’re still wet and as fresh as you can get. It makes for a super fun day gathering the hops at Gooding’s, then going straight back to the brewery to use them.”

Payette Brewing Wet ‘n Wilder Chinook Wet Hop Ale can backside. (photo courtesy of Payette Brewing)

Brewed with 600 pounds of freshly picked wet Chinook hops, Wet ‘n Wilder is a fully brewed wet hop beer. Payette places the hop cones directly into the whirlpool to extract the most amount of aroma from the cones. These wet Chinook hops add citrus and pine flavors with a unique freshness to the aroma you can’t get any other time of year.

Family owned and operated, Gooding Farms has been producing world-renowned hops since 1895. The farm specializes in Chinook, Idaho Gem, El Dorado, Cascade and Amarillo among many others.

Gooding Farms Vice President, Diane Gooding, mentioned in a statement, “We love working with the local breweries during hop harvest. They get to experience our operations and have a unique opportunity to get their hands on our varieties of hops straight from the farm. Payette has been a blast to work with ever since they opened in 2011.”

Payette Brewing truck at Gooding Farms in Wilder, Idaho. (image courtesy of Payette Brewing)

Wet ‘n Wilder will be released at the brewery located at 733 South Pioneer Street in Boise, Idaho on September 22, 2017 at 5:00 PM. The night will feature beer specials and a hop themed brewery tour with seminar talks from Diane Gooding of Gooding Farms and Meagen Anderson, Sales Manager of Mill 95, the premier source for hop processing within the craft brew industry and Idaho.

Wet ‘n Wilder lands at 5.5% ABV and will be available for a limited time on draft and in six-pack cans across Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.