Pelican Brewing Releases IPA Flight Mixed 12 Pack

Pacific City, Oregon (April 19, 2018)—Pelican Brewing Company this month delights fellow fanatics with a special pack of IPAs to explore a delicious spectrum of hop flavors and aromas. The new Pelican mixed IPA 12-pack showcases a medley of unique IPA styles with Beak Bender Hoppinated India Pale Ale, Beak Breaker Double India Pale Ale and Mosaic Single Hop India Pale Ale playing lead roles—now available on the craft beer aisle.

“We wanted to offer IPA fans a journey through some really interesting flavors—all in one pack,” says Jim Prinzing, chief executive officer, Pelican Brewing Company. “Beak Bender and Beak Breaker are our newest—and very well-received—IPA brews. Coupled with one of our seasonal favorites, Mosaic, we think we’ve got a unique lineup of IPA styles to explore.”

Beak Bender exemplifies what brewers are calling the ‘ultimate IPA.’  Pelican turned to two bold, flavorful hop varieties and used its proprietary dry hopping device ‘The Hoppinator’ to rend every molecule of flavor and aroma. Bountiful quantities of Citra and El Dorado hops bring aromas and flavors reminiscent of luminous citrus and zesty orange balanced against a lean malt bill with subtle toasty notes creating an astoundingly drinkable experience. It won’t break your beak, but it might bend it a little:

ABV: 6.7%  |  IBU: 65   |  PLATO: 14.5º

What do hopheads love about hops? Great big punchy hop aromas that Pelican has been packing into beer for over 20 years. Beak Breaker is the brewery’s newest homage to aromatic innovation. With massive additions of Mosaic, Citra, and Centennial hops this beer delivers a bright citrus-tropical aroma with notes of ruby red grapefruit and sweet pine, blasting the olfactory sense just enough to break your beak:

ABV: 9%   |   IBU: 90   |  PLATO: 18º

This unique Pelican trio of IPAs is rounded out with Mosaic. To showcase the glory of the Mosaic hop, Pelican brewers built a simple malt bill of two-row malted barley and a touch of malted wheat—then added loads of the prized flower. This minimalist approach allows the incredible tropical citrus hop aromas and sweet pine hop flavors to come through with clarity and focus. On the finish, the clean bitterness is balanced by just enough malt character to ensure that the next sip is a foregone conclusion:

ABV: 7%   |   IBU: 65   |  PLATO: 15º

Pelican’s first-ever mixed IPA 12-pack is now available indefinitely on the craft beer aisle of grocery stores and specialty shops. Cheers!

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About Pelican Brewing Company
Pelican Brewing Company was founded in 1996 by Jeff Schons and Mary Jones in Pacific City with Oregon’s only oceanfront brewpub. Celebrating its 21st year, the brewing company has created masterpieces like Kiwanda Cream Ale, India Pelican Ale, MacPelican’s Scottish Ale, Tsunami Stout and Doryman’s Dark. With the vision, creativity and brewing expertise of founding brewmaster Darron Welch, Pelican Brewing has won over 450 awards including a Silver Medal at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival, 2014 World Beer Cup© Champion Small Brewing Company and Brewmaster of the Year. Pelican Brewing currently distributes 22oz bottles, 12oz bottles in 6-packs, a new mixed 12-pack, and 50 liter and 20 liter kegs via a network of distributors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Hawaii. The company operates brewing and brewpub facilities in Pacific City, Tillamook and Cannon Beach.