Public Coast Brewing Co. Debuts Its First Shandy – Blueberry Fields Forever

image of Blueberry Fields Forever Shandy courtesy of Public Coast Brewing

It’s almost summer, so a shandy is always a great option while imbibing in the sunny weather. The latest Oregon brewery to debut a shandy is Public Coast Brewing Co. as it has just released, Blueberry Fields Forever Shandy.

Brewed with a base beer of a refreshing wheat ale, Blueberry Fields Forever Shandy blends tangy lemon notes with juicy blueberries harvested from the brewery’s sister property, Public Coast Farm located in Banks, Oregon. Originating from Britain, a Shandy is a beer cocktail made by mixing beer (usually a pilsner or lager) with a citrus-flavored beverage such as lemonade or lemon-lime soda, providing the inspiration for this new brew. However, instead of mixing the beer with fruit flavors during the serving process, Blueberry Fields Forever Shandy was brewed with Lemondrop hops, lemon puree, and Public Coast Farm blueberry puree to yield fruit-forward notes. 

“We’re thrilled to be celebrating the arrival of summer with our first-ever shandy, the Blueberry Fields Forever,” said Ben Christianson, Public Coast’s brewer, in a press release. “This new brew is bright and refreshing – as well as aromatic and balanced, with tart lemon and ripe blueberries from our very own Public Coast Farm. It’s a delightful beverage that evokes sunny days spent on the Oregon coast.”

An American wheat beer with 5.4% ABV, Blueberry Fields Forever Shandy was brewed with a combination of 2 row, wheat malt, flaked wheat, American Wheat Yeast, Willamette Hops, lemondrop hops, lemon puree and blueberry puree made from more than 420 pounds of blueberries from Public Coast Farm. 

Public Coast Farm blueberries are included in numerous items at Public Coast Brewing, both in beers and in the kitchen: the seasonal Public Coast Brewing Blueberry Wheat Ale, Public Coast Brewing Hard Seltzer and Blueberry-Honey Vinaigrette. Blueberries are also incorporated in seasonal dishes and drinks at the Stephanie Inn including the Blueberry Bellini welcome drink upon check-in, Spiced Blueberry Chutney, and Blueberry Scones.

Blueberry Fields Forever Shandy is available on tap at the Public Coast brewpub in Cannon Beach as well as 16 oz four packs. For a full list of available beers visit

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