Public Coast Brewing Debuts Bleeding Hearts Tart Ale & Benny’s Maple Oat-Stack Stout

Public Coast Brewing debuts Benny’s Maple Oat-Stack Stout. (image courtesy of Public Coast Brewing Co.)

Out on the scenic Oregon Coast, Public Coast Brewing Co. has recently released two new brews in its taproom. These two releases include Bleeding Hearts Tart Ale and Benny’s Maple Oat-Stack Stout.

“Bleeding Hearts Tart Ale brings a burst of bright, sweet-tart fruitiness and pink color to warm the heart and help one celebrate life and love on their own terms. In contrast to that juicy tartness,” said Will Leroux, Public Coast’s head brewmaster. “Benny’s Maple Oat-Stack Stout is earthy and grounded — like diving into a fresh stack of oat flapjacks and rich maple syrup… without the dreaded kitchen cleanup.”

Part of Public Coast Brewing Co.’s Sour Series, Bleeding Hearts Tart Ale offers a burst of sweetly tart fruit flavors with its pleasingly pink hue. This American-style sour ale features aromas of strawberry and tropical fruits with a crisp, light body and a tropical dry finish. Brewed with malted wheat, floral hops, coconut water and a tropical fruit blend, Bleeding Hearts sits at 5.7% ABV

Benny’s Maple Oat-Stack Stout, with a 7.5% ABV, is a “catch-and-release” special release, which will be available while supplies last at the brewhouse. A full-bodied oatmeal stout, it offers a creamy mouthfeel and sweet maple biscuit aroma. It draws upon four kinds of malt — chocolate malt, oat malt, Prinz Malt and biscuit malt — as well as Ceylon cinnamon and maple, to deliver an intensely-flavored dark ale with a wide range of flavor balances and notes of caramel, chocolate and smoke. 

Both beers are available on tap at Public Coast Brewing in Cannon Beach as well as 16 oz four packs to go. For a full list of beers on tap or order online for curbside pickup, visit:

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