Reuben’s Brews Releases Bits & Bobs IPA

image of Bits & Bobs IPA courtesy of Reuben's Brews
image of Bits & Bobs IPA courtesy of Reuben’s Brews

Debuting as its first seasonal beer for 2018, Reuben’s Brews releases Bits & Bobs IPA as its Spring Seasonal. Though it may seem a bit early to be drinking a spring seasonal, Bits & Bobs IPA will be available from January through April 2018 in bottles, cans and on draft.

To kick off each year, Reuben’s Brews will brew a new seasonal that takes in all of what the brew team has learned in the previous year. Bits & Bobs IPA is brewed with Strata (originally X331), Azacca and Citra hops, alongside a predominantly pale malt bill with a touch of Vienna malt to provide balance.

“This beer is a reflection on our experiences of the prior year, such as our experimentation with different malts, hops and new processes to brew an IPA,” stated Adam Robbings, co-founder and brewmaster, in a statement. “Bits and Bobs allows us to brew something different every year, play around and have some fun.”

Bits and Bobs is wrapped in brightly colored packaging that reflects the energy and excitement Reuben’s had making it. This year’s edition is a fruity IPA, with overripe fruit notes, and a juicy body. The inaugural Bits and Bobs was created in the West Coast IPA style and uses some processes, malt and hop combinations that the brewery first used during 2017. It wraps up the sip to leave you wanting more.

“Brewing is a journey. We love brewing new beers, and are passionately focused on constantly improving our brewing processes,” mentions Robbings in a statement. “Just as I did before starting Reuben’s Brews when I was home brewing in my garage, Bits and Bobs allows us to focus on what we love.”

Reuben's Brews Bits & Bobs IPA Washington Launch
Reuben’s Brews Bits & Bobs IPA Washington Launch

Reuben’s Brews will be traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest this month for the Bits and Bobs Tour that will include tap takeovers and tastings. So far the only launch dates are set in Washington State at Chucks 85th, Full Throttle Bottles, Brewmasters’s Taproom, Special Brews, Pint Defiance, and Elizabeth Station.