Robinsons Brewery Releases Iron Maiden TROOPER Sun & Steel Lager


Through the years England’s Robinsons Brewery has released a variety of beers dedicated to the band Iron Maiden. The brewery has just released its latest beer, Iron Maiden Trooper Sun & Steel Lager.

Sun & Steel is the very first lager in the Trooper beer series. It also happens to be the most complex beer that Robinsons Brewery has ever produced as it brewed a double fermented lager created with authentic Japanese saké yeast.

The beer takes its name from the song Sun and Steel by Iron Maiden that was on the bands Piece of Minds album from 1983. Since this album was inspired by the life of Japanese Samurai Miyamoto Musashi, the brewer brewed a Japanese inspired lager.

Sun & Steel is a hybrid beer from its use of two different yeasts. A lager yeast for the initial fermentation followed by a saké yeast for a second fermentation. The result is a delicate, subtle fruit flavor infused into a pilsner style lager.

Sun & Steel Stats:
Lager Brewed with Saké Yeast
500ml Cans in 4pks or singles
ABV: 4.8%
Maize, Rice, Lager and Pale Ale Malts
Hersbrucker, Saaz and Amarillo Hops

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