Roscoe’s Hosts Pure Project Brewing

With the brewery’s beginnings in Costa Rica, the husband and wife team of Jessi and Agi Pine along with co-founder Mat Robar, left the Central American country and moved the brewery to San Diego, California in 2015. It was also at this same time that the brewery name was changed from Manuel Antonio Brewing to Pure Project Brewing.

Over the past few years since relocating to San Diego, Pure Project Brewing has been garnering some great reviews. The brewers have done some collaborations and are now set to hit the Oregon marketplace with a dozen of beers brought to Portland from Day One Distribution.

Today, Tuesday, December 12th, Pure Project will have a dozen of its beers pouring at Roscoe’s. The lineup of beers looks pretty great, including a collaboration with Bottle Logic.

Here’s a rundown on the 12 beers from Pure Project that will be pouring at Roscoe’s later today.

Delilah – The Belgian Blonde style is a relatively new European Style (under 100 years) that was originally marketed towards pilsner drinkers. Our version features a light effervescent body with a subtle sweetness from Belgian pilsner malt and a dry finish from the Wildflower Honey sourced locally at Mikolich Family Farm, in Temecula. Aromas of banana and clove welcome the drinker while citrus and pomme fruit linger on the palate. Fermented with Chimay Cinq Cent Yeast at a higher than normal temperature to bring out the fruit forward attributes of this classic Trappist yeast. 6% ABV

Euphorik w/ Raspberries – Euphorik is our take on the American Wild Ale and designed to activate, engage and delight the senses. Aged in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels, these unique beers will take you on a journey of complexity in which you can smell and taste all the subtle ingredients that have come together over the years to form a flavor that we can only call… “Euphorik”. 7% ABV

Force of Nature – Our IPA series is ever-evolving, taking our knowledge of brewing Murky IPAs forward with every new release, while using the freshest and most interesting hops we can get our hands on. Force Of Nature is our latest creation, featuring the amazingly sweet pineapple notes of Merkur hops grown in the Hüll region of Germany. Citrusy flavors from Mandarina Bavaria hops waft into your sinuses, and the deep citrus notes from CTZ hops linger on the palate.7.5% ABV

La Vie en Rose – A Costa Rican inspired recipe, this traditional farmhouse style Saison features a dry finish. Brewed with locally sourced Raw Orange Blossom Honey from Mikolich Family Farms, Organic Hibiscus Flowers from Burkina Faso, and wild crafted Grains of Paradise from Morocco. 6.5% ABV

Madeline – A blend of mixed fermentation Saisons aged in French oak barrels. Light and effervescent with the color of golden straw. Aromas and flavors of classic farmhouse funk emerge upfront along with noticeable tartness over a background of oak. 7% ABV

Milagro (*NITRO*) – A highly drinkable Dry Stout brewed with Organic, shade grown coffee sourced from Costa Rica. This coffee was hand roasted in our old home town of Manuel Antonio by our friends at Cafe Milagro and paired with fresh Organic Vanilla Beans from Madagascar to create the creamy and roasted flavor profile with hints of dark chocolate. 5.3%

Murklands w/ Vic Secret – New England Style Pale Ale w/ Vic Secret Hops. 5.5% ABV

Murkonomics – We make delicious Murky IPAs, our customers drink them. Simple Murkonomics. Our latest IPA creation takes us around the world of hop flavors and aromas, with the citrus-like aromas of US grown Loral, the peach and lemon-like flavors from German newcomer Grungeist, and the berry-like flavors from PacGem from New Zealand. Supplies are limited, demand is high. 6.7% ABV

Phasers on Stun – Brett Pale Ale w/ Ekuanot & Mosaic Hops. 6% ABV

Sensei – This is a Gluten Reduced Beer that consists of flaked rice and a Kolsch style yeast that give this beer a crisp and effervescent body while noble hops from the German Hallertau provide aroma. Inspired by the ale makers of Germany and the crisp rice lagers of Japan. 5.2% ABV

Prime Evils – Imperial Stout w/ Coffee & Carolina Reaper Peppers (Collaboration w/ Bottle Logic Brewing). 13% ABV

Trips on Dubs – Murky Triple IPA w/ Mosaic, Citra, and Green Bullet. 10.3% ABV

image courtesy of Pure Project Brewing

Jessi and Mike from Pure Project will be at Roscoe’s hanging out and talking beer beginning aroumd 5:00pm.

8105 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97215