Shiner Releases Three Fruit Beers and a Light Beer For the Summer Season

Shiner 2017 seasonal releases includes Peach Wheat, Strawberry Blonde, Ruby Redbird and Light Blonde. (image courtesy of Spoetzl Brewery)

Spoetzl Brewery, the 108 year-old brewery from Shiner, Texas has announced its summer seasonal beer releases and fruit is on its mind. For the warmers months look for the following beers from Shiner: Hill Country Peach Wheat, Strawberry Blonde, Ruby Redbird and Light Blonde.

Here’s a rundown on all four 2017 summer releases from Spoetzl Brewery with descriptions provided by the brewery.

SHINER Ruby Redbird
Brewed with genuine Ruby Red grapefruit, the signature sweet citrus of the Rio Grande Valley and the official State Fruit of Texas. We add a touch of all-natural ginger to provide some zing to the grapefruit tartness. Made with Munich malt for a deeper gold color and fuller body, and Mt. Hood and Citra hops for balance. This crisp and refreshing beer is perfect for summer but proved so popular that we now make it all year.

Available in 12 oz. cans and bottles, 24 oz. bombers and on tap.

ABV = 4.01%
SRM = 8
IBU = 10

SHINER Strawberry Blonde
Not a new beer – it was Brewer’s Pride #7 – but newly anointed as our summer seasonal.   This Kolsch-style lager uses a blend of Two-row, wheat and Munich malts.  What really makes this refreshing brew unique is the infusion of ripe strawberries from Poteet, the Strawberry Capital of Texas. Gently hopped to highlight the pleasing strawberry essence and aroma.

Available in 12 oz. cans and bottles, 24 oz. bombers and on tap.

ABV = 4.3%
SRM = 4
IBU = 11

SHINER Hill Country Peach Wheat Ale
The new kid on the block. Introducing #11 in our Brewers Pride series. A wheat ale brewed with nearby Texas Hill Country peaches. Adding a blend of Two-row and wheat malt makes it slightly sweet and extra-refreshing. Our signature ale yeast is used for its esters and fruitiness. Hill Country Peach Wheat is coarsely filtered to remove yeast but retain the hazy veil and golden color wheat beers are known for. It is lightly hopped with Mt. Hood so as not to diminish the peach presence.

Brewer’s Pride is our series of limited-run, small-batch beers, handcrafted under the direction of Brewmaster Jimmy Mauric.

Available in 12 oz. bottles in our Family Reunion packaging. Also in 24 oz. bombers and on tap.

ABV = 4.51%
SRM = 5
IBU = 15

SHINER Light Blonde
This is the light beer you expect from a craft brewer like Spoetzl. A wonderful 99-calorie lager for thirst-quenching refreshment. Brewed with plump Two-row barley malt and choice Golding aroma hops. Eminently sessionable. Goes well with good friends and broken lawn mowers. Great while working the backyard grill or lounging by the pool.

Available in 12 oz. cans and bottles and on tap.

ABV = 4.2%
SRM = 2
IBU = 9

Shiner beers are available in 49 states and Mexico. Learn more at