Sierra Nevada Returns with Hoptimum Triple IPA

image of Hoptimum Triple IPA courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing

As we approach the Memorial Day Weekend, If you’re looking for something big and fresh to kick back with, look no further than the return of Hoptimum Triple IPA. Yes, Sierra Nevada Brewing returns with its hopped up IPA that arrives at a bold 11% ABV and 75 IBUs.

For its 2024 edition of Hoptimum Triple IPA, Sierra Nevada went with a hop bill of Magnum, Idaho 7, Citra, Ekuanot, Chinook, and CTZ varieties. When it comes to the malt bill it’s Two-Row, Pale and White Wheat. This combination provides a fruity flavor that is a bit less intense, even at its high ABV.

“Hoptimum started out in the IBU wars,” says Isaiah Mangold, our Head Innovation Brewer. “It was all about high bitterness. Hops have evolved so much [since then] to incorporate these fruit-forward, aromatic qualities. Those are great — we love those — but we also wanted this year’s Hoptimum to have some edge to it.”

Sticky pine jumps from the aroma, while a citrus note reminds Innovation Brewmaster James Conery of his orange tree at home.

“This time of year, the last few get really ripe,” he explains. “They’re not sharp and acidic anymore; they’re that super candy-orange.”

“A classic “green hoppiness” runs through the flavor,” says Isaiah.

‘Like freshly cut spruce. Hints of sweet citrus offset Hoptimum’s bitterness, and its dry finish makes 11% ABV deceivingly smooth.”

Hoptimum Triple IPA is now available in 6-pack, 12oz bottles and on draft. Use the Sierra Nevada Brew Finder to find a 6-pack nere you.

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