Stone Brewing Returns with Stone 12 Days of IPA

image of Stone Twelve Days of IPA courtesy of Stone Brewing
image of Stone Twelve Days of IPA courtesy of Stone Brewing

It’s back! Stone Brewing celebrates the holiday season with the return of Stone 12 Days of IPA. This marks the third year of a 12 IPA variety pack in time for the upcoming holiday season.

The Stone 12 Days of IPA variety pack features a dozen different IPAs, all from one of the innovators of the beer style that took over the American craft beer scene. The variety pack features longtime fan favorites, current trending IPAs and brand new ones debuting in this one of a kind IPA variety pack.

“This isn’t just a box of beers dressed up for the holidays,” said Maria Stipp, Stone Brewing CEO. “We asked our team members – our biggest Stone super fans – what they’d be most proud to bring to their holiday gatherings. It wasn’t easy to execute, but who can deny this set of beers!? It’s an incredible lineup that reflects the entire journey of Stone’s IPA obsession.”

Stone’s holiday variety pack offers a generous varity of IPAs that range from 6.9% to 10.1% ABV. For those whose holidays center around fruitcake, eggnog and Griswold-style gatherings, half of this pack is filled with holly jolly beers that clock in at over 8% ABV!

Stone 12 Days of IPA Highlights:

  • Stone Delicious Citrus IPA(7.7%)and Stone Delicious Double IPA (9.4%) – Sneak preview! Stone Delicious IPA is Stone’s fastest growing beer making way for new citrus and double IPA variants. Both are gluten-reduced and as delicious as the name implies.
  • Stone Ruination IPA(8.2%) – The legend returns! This Stone classic was named for its truly “ruinous” effect on the palate. Loaded with Columbus and Centennial hops it was the first full-time bottled West Coast Style Double IPA on the planet helping to propel a whole movement of ruinously hoppy beers.
  • Stone 26thAnniversary Triple IPA(9.7%) – Stone’s latest Imperial West Coast Style IPA is loaded with pine, citrus and resinous dankness.
  • Stone Peak Conditions Hazy Double IPA(8.1%) – Brewed with passion fruit, orange and guava. This beer celebrates West Coast hops and East Coast haze, making it one of the most flavorful beers in Stone’s history.
  • Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA(10.1%) – The heralded result of the perfect execution of tea and beer that, according to Stone’s brewers, is ridiculously hard to achieve.
image of Stone Twelve Days of IPA courtesy of Stone Brewing
image of Stone Twelve Days of IPA courtesy of Stone Brewing

The entire Stone 12 Days of IPA includes Stone IPA (6.9%); Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA (7.5%); Stone Hazy IPA (6.7%); Stone Tangerine Express Hazy IPA (6.7%); Stone ///Fear.Movie.Lions Hazy Double IPA (8.5%); Stone Delicious IPA (7.7%); Stone Delicious Citrus IPA (7.7%); Stone Delicious Double IPA (9.4%); Stone Ruination IPA (8.2%); Stone 26th Anniversary Imperial IPA (9.7%); Stone Peak Conditions Hazy Double IPA (8.1%); and Bair / Ishii / Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA (10.1%).

Stone 12 Days of IPA is now available nationwide and can be located by utilizing the Stone Beer Finder at: