Tin Bucket Alters A Keg Of Rainier To Bring Us Brett “The Tin Man” Hart aka Brettnier

The new Rainier R. (PRNewsFoto/Rainier Beer)

What happens when you take a three-year old keg of Rainier and add the dregs of The Broken Truck 2 from de Garde Brewing and then top it off with some Brettanomyces? On Thursday, June 29th beginning at 5:00pm swing by Tin Bucket to see if this possibly illegal keg doctoring works out. This funky Rainier that the fellas at Tin Bucket have coined Brett “The Tin Man” Hart aka Brettnier will be poured alongside an unaltered tall boy can of Rainier.

Brett “The Tin Man” Hart was created by Tin Bucket as they decided it was time to make a funky version of Rainier. Here are the steps it took in the making of Brett “The Tin Man” Hart.

  1. Use a coupler with ball valves to push out some of the beer to create headspace. (about a gallon)
  2. Used the coupler with poly vinyl to a block and bleed one with an in feed for co2 and butterfly valve to add brett pitch/bottle dregs.
  3. Purge With CO2
  4. Added Brett Pitch & De Garde Broken Truck dregs
  5. Pushed Brett in with CO2 & aged warm for 4 months
  6. Vented Keg Every 2 weeks for with coupler
  7. Rested for 2 additional months without venting
  8. Tap and Serve

This keg doctoring sat for multiple months while the brettanomyces did its work. Jim Bonomo from Tin Bucket stated, “It’s finally smelling and tasting great, and we will be serving it alongside a tall boy of regular Rainier this Thursday from 5-10.”

Tin Bucket
3520 N Williams Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

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