Von Ebert Brewing Triple Can Release – Bohemian Pilsener, Vienna Lager, and Pierre Le Chat

image of Bohemian Pilsener courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing
image of Bohemian Pilsener courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing

A triple can release will take place on Friday, July 24th from Von Ebert Brewing. The Portland brewer will debut its Bohemian Pilsener and the return of Vienna Lager and Pierre Le Chat. All three beers will be available in 16oz cans at both Von Ebert Brewing locations in the Pearl District and Glendoveer.

Here are descriptions of all three beers provided by Von Ebert Brewing.

Bohemian Pilsener – Decocted Czech-Style Lager
Bohemian Pilsener, the ninth and latest addition to the Von Ebert roster of pilsners, is decocted and brewed in the Czech-style featuring bready malt flavors and a floral nose. The 5.0% ABV and 38 IBU beer is the result of the Von Ebert team’s attempt to replicate the masterpiece pale lagers found in modern day Czech Republic.

“One of the more memorable beers I ever had was in the cellar of the Pilsner Urquell brewery in Pilsen, Czech Republic,” explained Sean Burke, head brewer, Von Ebert Glendoveer. “I recall it being the first time I discovered ‘layers of flavor’ in a beer and asking myself, how could such a simple beer be so complex? The answer, of course, is ingredients and process, the answer for what makes every beer unique.”

The Von Ebert Bohemian Pilsener started with floor-malted Bohemian Czech barley. Very little was done to the water used in the beer since Portland’s water is so soft and exactly what’s needed for a beer of the style. Only Czech Saaz hops were used in the beer, bringing an herbaceous, floral quality to it that works well with the malt character derived from the floor-malted barley. It was fermented low and slow with one of the brewery’s favorite strains of lager yeast.

The beer was also decocted for flavor maximization, with multiple decoctions drawn off during the mashing process, boiled, and then returned to the mash to raise the temperature to the next rest.

image of Vienna Lager courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing
image of Vienna Lager courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing

Vienna Lager – Austrian-Style Copper Lager
Vienna Lager, the 2020 Oregon Beer Awards Gold Medal winner in the Light German and European Lager category, is an Austrian-style copper lager with a 4.8% ABV and 18 IBUs. The beer is malt forward without being cloyingly sweet, crisp without being thin, and contains just enough noble hops to round it out. It has flavors of toasted bread, toffee, and nuts, and is the perfect accompaniment to a backyard BBQ or riverside camp meal at the end of the day.

“We’re quite proud of this beer and the recognition it has received, especially since that recognition came after the very first time we brewed it,” commented Burke.

image of Pierre Le Chat courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing
image of Pierre Le Chat courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing

Pierre Le Chat –  French Pilsner in the Italian Style
A French pilsner in the Italian style, Pierre Le Chat offers characteristics of strawberry leaf, hay loft, and lemon peel, with a 4.8% ABV and 31 IBUs.

The beer uses 100% French barley and three different French hops: Strisselspalt and Aramis in both the kettle and whirlpool, and then dry-hopped with Barbe Rouge.

“We sometimes get asked if Italian pilsners use all Italian ingredients,” said Burke. “The answer is no for our Italian pilsner, but the question gave Jason Hansen, one of our brewers, the great idea of making a beer using entirely French ingredients. Pierre Le Chat, our French-style pils, was born out of that and named after Jason’s cat. We’re not sure if that style already exists, but if it does, we hope we’re doing it justice. I don’t like to get too hung up on styles because if we never tried anything different, many world class beers wouldn’t exist.”