Von Ebert Brewing Releases Fresh Batches of Alemanian Pils and Vienna Lager

image of Vienna Lager and Alemanian Pils courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing
image of Vienna Lager and Alemanian Pils courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing

PORTLAND, Ore. – January 25, 2021 – Von Ebert Brewing, the award-winning and locally owned Portland-based brewing company, will release new batches of two of its popular lagers today.

Alemanian Pils, the 4.8% ABV German-style pilsner with balanced notes of bready malt and herbal, spicy hops will return in cans.

The beer has provided the Von Ebert Brewing team with the opportunity to focus on refining a very specific type of pilsner.

“There’s a perception that pilsner is a monolithic concept, but there is much variation in the traditional examples of the style,” explained Jason Hansen, Lead Brewer & Blender, Von Ebert Glendoveer. “In a very general way, the spectrum of pilsners goes from more malt-forward to more hop-forward in the general direction of Czech or Bohemian pilsner, followed by Southern German pilsner, followed by Northern German pilsner. With Alemanian Pils, we wanted to do something like the Southern German counterpart to our decidedly Northern German standard Von Ebert Pils.”

Rather than blending base malts as Von Ebert does when brewing Pils, the brewing team used one single German base malt. They chose Tettnang and Hallertau Select hops to push the herbal notes forward a bit more and provide a spicy undertone. A malt-accentuating lager strain from Bavaria was used in the beer as well.

“The result is a balanced and drinkable beer with great malt and hop character, without one overshadowing the other,” continued Hansen. “As for the name of the beer, Alemania is the name for Germany in Spanish.”

Vienna Lager, the 4.8% ABV gold medal winner at the 2020 Oregon Beer Awards, will also be released on Monday. The Austrian-style copper lager has flavors of toasted bread, toffee, and nuts.

“A cousin of Marzen, the goal when brewing a Vienna lager is to produce a drinkable beer that is both dry and malt-forward,” stated Hansen. “Our Vienna Lager uses a combination of premium German malts to give it incredible malt complexity without coming off as cloying or sweet. It’s a perfect companion to the smoked wings made by our Chef Jackson Wyatt and his team, or really for any smoked food in general.”

Both Alemanian Pils and Vienna Lager will be available in 16oz. can four-packs at Von Ebert Glendoveer and Von Ebert Pearl today, as well as on draft at both locations.

Find Von Ebert on social media: @vebrewing and facebook.com/VonEbertBrewing.

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