Von Ebert Brewing Releases Wermut, an Oak-Aged Gruit

image of Wermut courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing
image of Wermut courtesy of Von Ebert Brewing

Gruit beers have had their place in history and Von Ebert Brewing is set to release one, Wermut, as part of hits Heritage Beer collection. Wermut is a mixed fermentation oak-aged gruit that’s packaged in 500mL bottles.

In lieu of just going to the store and purchasing some actual Vermouth, the brewers at Von Ebert decided to brew a beer that is inspired by the tastes and characteristics of herbal Vermouth. Wermut is said to have taken two years to perfect and is now ready for release later this week.

“We set out to make a beer that would pay tribute to the lovely vermouths and amaros of Europe, really striving to deliver the herbal characteristics you see in those spirits,” explained Jason Hansen, Lead Brewer and Blender, Von Ebert Glendoveer, in a release. “The final product is an extremely unique beer that delivers an exceptional drinking experience.”

In brewing Wermut, the Von Ebert Brewing team combined several different fermentation traditions to brew this historic style of beer.

“We used Belgian Tripels as a model for our fermentation, a process that included making our own Candi syrup,” explained Hansen, in a release. “Strong Belgian beers are typically made with Candi syrup, an invert sugar that’s been converted from sucrose to a mixture of fructose and glucose. It’s more fermentable than the malt sugars used in other styles of beers, producing beers that are lighter bodied, yet relatively high in alcohol content.”

Like the gruits of old, no hops were used in Wermut. Instead, a variety of herbs and spices were used to add bitterness and flavor components on the hot side.

“Both vermouth and amaro are very herbal, so we felt like the best way to capture similar characteristics was to actually use herbs,” added Hansen, in the release.

After extensive oak-aging and blending, further aromatic herbal components were added to the beer prior to packaging. The result is an 8.9% ABV beer contains flavors of lime candy and honey lemon Riccola, with an enveloping feeling of oak warmth.

Wermut will be available on Friday, August 27, at both Von Ebert pub locations, Glendoveer and the Pearl, on draft and in 500ml bottles.