Worthy Brewing Release Tenmile Dry Hopped Lager in Celebration of Earth Day 2020

image of Tenmile Dry Hopped Lager courtesy of Worthy Brewing
image of Tenmile Dry Hopped Lager courtesy of Worthy Brewing

With Earth Day approaching in just over three weeks, Worthy Brewing is all set to release its Tenmile Dry Hopped Lager in the most recyclable 12oz cans and packaging available. And to keep it in the spirit of honoring our mother earth, Worthy Brewing will be donating a percentage of sales from Tenmile to Operation Appleseed, Worthy Garden Club’s initiative to plant 1 million trees across Oregon to help restore damaged forests and combat climate change.

“Tenmile captures what Worthy’s all about,” said Roger Worthington, founder of Worthy Brewing, in a press release. “It features an Oregon bred and grown hop, Strata, which is sparking the imagination of brewers worldwide. It’s supporting Operation Appleseed, our initiative to plant over one million trees in our great green state. Its compostable and recyclable packaging speaks to our quest towards sustainability. And on top of all that, my goodness it’s the best lager I’ve ever tasted.”

In brewing Tenmile Dry Hopped Lager, Worthy Brewing drew inspiration from a classic German lager recipe and then dry-hopped the beer with the versatile Strata hop. According to the brewery the result of this process brings forth a strawberry aroma and a clean, sparkling, lip-smacking finish that leaves the taste buds wanting more. Tenmile sits at 5% ABV and hits that drinkability sweet spot, and a negligible 23 IBUs.

“This beer is a dream come true for us,” said Dustin Kellner, Brewmaster at Worthy Brewing, in a press release. “Don’t get me wrong, we love our IPAs, but we’ve been moving in the direction of lagers and pilsners for a few years now. For us, Tenmile bridges the best of both worlds. We think it’s special.”

Tenmile also epitomizes Worthy’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. A healthy percentage of Tenmile sales will be donated to Operation Appleseed, an initiative launched by Worthy’s philanthropic arm, Worthy Garden Club, to support forest rejuvenation across Oregon through the planting of 1 million trees over three years.

The lager’s name comes from one of Operation Appleseed’s special projects on the Oregon Coast. Tenmile is a creek in the Siuslaw National Forest that empties into the Pacific a few miles south of Yachats, Oregon, and it’s a magical place with a few remaining old growth forest groves. Operation Appleseed is working with Oregon State University, local conservation districts and volunteers to rewild a 63-acre parcel straddling the creek that was clear-cut about 80 years ago.

When it comes to the packaging for Tenmile, Worthy Brewing went all in for its recyclability. In leu of using adhesive paper labels or shrink wrap labels on the aluminum cans, which regrettably render the cans virtually unrecyclable, Tenmile cans are both small batch and 100% recyclable. The brewery sourced a printer who is able to provide affordable small batch runs with an amazing new ink printing process. Their new 1-micron thick, water-based, digital printing technology uses 90% less ink than traditional can printing operations. Additionally, the durable egg-carton-like six-pack carriers are 100% compostable, and could even be planted in a garden to decompose.

Tenmile Dry-Hopped Lager will be available throughout Oregon at New Seasons, Roth’s, Market of Choice and Trader Joe’s through the Summer.