Zoiglhaus Brewing Company Launches Its First Bottles: Zoigl-Pils and Zoigl-Kolsch

Zoigl-Kolsch and Zoigl-Pils bottles will soon be available at Safeway, Albertsons, and New Seasons Markets in the Portland Metro Area. (image courtesy of Zoiglhaus Brewing)

Over the course of the coming weeks, Zoiglhaus Brewing Company is set to release its first bottles with Zoigl-Pils and Zoigl-Kölsch.

Zoigl-Pils Description:
The Zoigl-Pils is a homage to the Northern German Pilsners that Alan loved drinking while brewing in Germany–dry and bracingly hoppy.  It is brewed with German hops, malts and yeast. Our Bull Run water is so good we skipped importing German water.

Zoigl-Kölsch Description:
The Zoigl-Kölsch is a hazy, soft and fruity ale brewed with German malts, hops and the yeast Alan brought back from his brewing studies at the VLB in Berlin.

Packaged in 16.9 oz. (500mL) bottles, these two offerings will first be available Safeway and Albertsons in the Portland market will have the Zoigl-Pils on the shelves in the next few weeks. New Seasons Markets will have both Zoigl-Pils and the Zoigl-Kölsch in their Portland-area stores as well.