IPA Blind Tasting Challenge at Hawthorne Hophouse & 15th Avenue Hophouse

January IPA Blind Tasting Challenge (photo courtesy of Oregon Hophouse)
January IPA Blind Tasting Challenge (photo courtesy of Oregon Hophouse)

Do you have what it takes to correctly pick 12 of Oregon’s top IPAs? If so throughout the entire month of January both the Hawthorne Hophouse and 15th Avenue Hophouse welcomes the return of its January IPA Blind Tasting Challenge.

Defending champion Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack returns along with former champs Boneyard RPM that has won two different times, and Fort George Vortex. These three IPAs join nine other hoppy IPAs all from Oregon competing for your vote. The most popular beer gets put on permanent tap for all of 2016 at both Hophouse locations.

In year’s past one would receive a tray of all 12 IPAs. For 2016 each “contestant” will receive two separate trays of 6 IPAs each along with a separate list of all 6 IPAs including the hop varietals used in each, as disclosed by the brewers. Once the first 6 IPAs are matched the second tray of 6 IPAs and its corresponding list will be presented to taste.

Match 10 to 12 IPAs correctly and the winner will receive a free Hophouse Mug Club membership. There will also be lesser prizes awarded as the contest progresses, if one scores 7 or higher. All lists will be graded at the end of each week and all winners will be notified at that time.

The cost to enter the 2016 IPA Blind Tasting Challenge is $12. Prizes include t-shirts, mug club memberships, growlers, gift cards, etc. Participants can enter multiple times, but the Hophouse can only tell you number you got the week before.

The 2016 IPA Blind Tasting Challenge lineup of beers are the following.

So how did the Hophouse choose the 12 IPAs? Here’s what was said. We talked to Hophouse staff and Hophouse patrons over the past month or two about their favorite IPAs. We balanced the list off between some old stalwarts like Workhorse and some new breweries called Drinking Horse (note the horse theme, in case you missed it). We eliminated some of the beers we usually use because they didn’t do as well in years past. Admittedly, there are forty or so IPAs in Oregon that could have been on this list. There is a lot of good beer here.

We wish all participants the best of luck in this year’s IPA Blind Tasting Challenge!

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