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Drew Salmi of Corvallis Home Brew Supply

Last month when we visited Corvallis, Oregon (Thanks to Visit Corvallis) to tour the breweries in town, we found brewtopia in a place that wasn’t on our itinerary. After a wonderfully festive and inspiring night kicking it at Block 15 tasting a plethora of unique and satisfying beers, our next morn was a bit groggy. During the celebration of Block 15’s second anniversary, we met so many friendly folks, many who loved beer as much as we do.

One particular gentleman we met who we really liked was Drew Salmi of Corvallis Home Brewing Supply. On our last day in Corvallis, Drew invited us to check out the store where he and founder/mentor Joel Rea have been providing supplies and educating the region in the ways of beer, soda, cheese, vinegar and wine making since 1997.

carboys and yeast at work

Surplus of beers in the cellar

The cellar of Corvallis Home Brew SupplyThanks to Drew, we were fortunate to get a tour of the shop on Sunday, when the it is normally closed to the general public. The front of the Corvallis Home Brew Supply also houses an impressive selection of beer and wine as well as some cider and sake. In the shop you’ll find the proprietor’s own wines and brews. Upon our visit, we discovered a popular Oyster Stout on tap as well. In the understory of the shop, a surplus of bottles and supplies were kept in cool dark storage alongside and miscellany of wine barrels and beer carboys filled with maturing tipples. Here we found Drew’s hidden stash of Pelican’s Perfect Storm barleywine aged in bourbon casks (This beer is now going to be called “the Mother of All Storms” due to name confusion with Oakshire’s Perfect Storm Imperial IPA). Though we didn’ t have much of a stomach for drinking so early, we sucked it up and enjoyed our first pour of this strong, bourbonous beast.

Drew Salmi at Corvallis Home Brew Supply shared some Pelican bourbon-aged barleywine

Great conversation and great beer at a great shop in Corvallis…the rest is history. We strongly recommend paying a visit next time you’re near Corvallis. You’ll be happy you did.

Thanks to Drew Salmi, Joel Rea, The Corvallis Home Brew Supply for their hospitality. Check ’em out online at

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