Industry's Fastest Beer Dispenser

My brother Mario sent me a link to this “mad invention” developed by GrinOn Industries of Montesano, WA. Founded by 28 year old workaholic Josh Springer, the start-up company gained recognition on YouTube with the display of their world record-breaking invention known as the BottomsUp beer dispenser and beer cup. Granted, there are records being set daily from how many bees a person can keep in his mouth to longest group kiss, but this one should appeal to beer drinkers.

Made from a converted Army plasma cooler, the BottomsUp fulls multiple plastic cups at a time without spilling any beer. Perhaps the most amazing part of the whole process is that the cups are being filled from the bottom up. The reason no beer is leaked through the bottom where it is filled is because the bottom of the cup is covered by a circular magnet that opens when keg pressure is applied to allow beer to enter, and then the weight of the liquid in the cup settles the lid it back down afterward. The above video illustrates the process in just over a minute where 56 beers are poured, an unofficial world record.

To find out more about GrinOn Industries, check out their website:

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