New Growler Carriers: The Alcohauler and CarryAll

The Alcohauler with 2 Glass Growlers

Have you ever had difficulty carrying or transporting your glass beer growlers from where they’re being filled to your car and then into your house? If so, there are two brand new products currently hitting the market that will assist you with carrying multiple beer growlers. Both the Alcohauler and CarryAll are designed to help carry your empty and filled glass growlers in a safe and effective manner.

First up is the Alcohauler from local entrepreneur and craft beer fan Josh Shupp. This Southeast Portland based growler carrier company is manufacturing a patented wooden growler carriers made from Oregon Hemlock. Therefore, this carrier is strong and should last for many years. The design of this carrier allows for easy transportation of either 2 growlers, 4 standard sized wine bottles, 4 22oz bottles or 2 4-packs of cans. Yes this carrier is quite versatile.

The Alcohauler with 2 22oz Bottles and Glass GrowlerShupp is seeking out a target audience of craft beer lovers looking for an easy, safe way to transport their growlers from place to place and a stable container for the car. The Alcohauler will retail for $29.00 as an introductory price during the Spring Beer and Wine Fest from April 18-19 at the Oregon Convention Center. Anyone interested in pre-ordering an Alcohauler prior to April 18 can email

When asked if Shupp has any retailers interested in carrying the Alcohauler he states, “After the Spring Beer & Wine fest, the Alcohauler will be available at the Portland Bottle Shop in Sellwood and Growlers Hawthorne.”

Josh Shupp of The Alcohauler

Shupp goes on to add, “The Alcohauler was invented as a simple and handy way to carry your growlers everywhere! Simply keep your Alcohauler stocked with an empty growler or two in the trunk of your car and you are always ready for a fill!  If you’re like the guys at Alcohauler, you have probably amassed a collection of growlers over the years after numerous occurrences of being caught at a great bar/brewery without your growler with no choice but to buy another one in order to get that tasty brew home!”

CarryAll with 2 Glass Growlers


Another growler carrier hitting the market is CarryAll. The plastic molded CarryAll was developed by brothers Mark and Tim Hazeltine, craft beer enthusiasts and owners of Allegheny Tool Mold & Manufacturing Inc. The two used their vast knowledge of manufacturing to solve a problem all beer lovers dread, keeping your beer safe while transporting it. The CarryAll is a sturdy carry case made of strong, recyclable Polycarbonate, and corrals your growlers in an easy-to-carry basket. With the CarryAll, you can buckle your beer into the back seat, and safely carry two growlers without bobbling your keys and risking a growler disaster.

Brothers Mark and Tim Hazeltine of CarryAll

If you’re an owner of a brewpub or growler fill station, the CarryAll offers your customers convenient growler transportation, while helping them carry more product with just one hand. Custom colors and labeling are available, allowing companies to brand the CarryAll, advertising their company wherever their customer goes. The CarryAll also offers protection for growlers, as bagged growlers can easily break.

According to Tim Hazeltine, “We’re proud to make this product right here in the USA, and are enthusiastic to kick off our distribution program. Our goal is to have the CarryAll on retail shelves and online outlets.”

The CarryAll retails for $19.95. To get one shipped to Portland, OR you’re looking at an additional $15.35 for UPS Ground Shipping.

Both of these growler carriers performed as expected. They both do an excellent job at holding a growler or two in your trunk without them rolling around. We’re just not too sure with the additional expense if these are going to be in high demand. The Alcohauler is nice that it does hold varying sizes of containers. The one drawback was that you can hear the glass vibrating around if you carry it in your back seat or floor board area. We do see a potential market for these carriers as nice gifts to fans of craft beer.