Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and The Nature Conservancy Partner on Mother Nature, Let’s Do This! Docuseries

A new docuseries has premiered that brings together Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and The Nature Conversancy (TNC) for the four-episode Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!. This new docuseries highlights many of the east coast conservation initiatives and each episode can be viewed at the end of this article.

Mother Nature, Let’s Do This! follows Dogfish Head Co-Founders, Sam and Mariah Calagione, as they embark on an eco-friendly road trip from Miami, Florida, home of the brand’s newest brewpub, to Dogfish Head, Maine, the brewery’s namesake region. During the journey north, up the east coast, the two explore various preserved lands and project sites to learn about the TNC’s East Coast conservation initiatives, speak to local environmental experts and explore Mother Nature’s splendors.

“Our ‘Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!’ road trip was a truly eye-opening and humbling experience,” said Sam Calagione, in a statement. “At Dogfish Head, we rely on the bounties of Mother Nature to provide us with the fresh culinary ingredients used in both our off-centered ales and eats. Visiting preserved lands and project sites along the eastern seaboard and learning about the environmental threats each is facing exponentially increased my appreciation for our planet and reinforced the notion that, as human beings, we have a duty to protect and give back to the Earth. Throughout our journey, we saw some incredible natural beauty and witnessed some really impactful work by the passionate and talented TNC network and their collaborative partners on so many dynamic and complimentary projects. It made me even more excited to call TNC a partner and more appreciative of nature’s many wonders. That’s why Mariah and I ended each day with an off-centered ale, raising our glasses in a toast to Mother Nature.”

As part of Dogfish Head’s yearlong “Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!” program challenging beer and nature lovers alike to get outside, the brewery’s new docuseries is intended to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing America’s eastern shores and inspire viewers to do their part to protect planet Earth. During their road trip, Sam and Mariah spent their days exploring nature and their nights discussing their many learnings over off-centered ales. Throughout the month-long excursion, the duo visited with TNC at 13 outdoor sites and met up with the folks at Epiphany Craft Malt. Each stop offered a unique educational opportunity.

Each episode of Dogfish Head’s “Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!” docuseries encompasses 3-4 of Sam and Mariah’s stops, as well as provides viewers with off-centered beer pairings for their post-adventure celebrations.

“Having the chance to see TNC’s work along the coast was nothing short of amazing,” said Mariah Calagione, in a statement. “I particularly loved learning about the nature-based solutions like living reefs and marsh restoration to protect from flooding. Sam and I are excited to share these stories with our drinkers and lift a glass of 60 Minute IPA in support of the fantastic work Mother Nature can do when we let her!”

Dogfish Head’s relationship with TNC dates back to 2007. Since then, the brewery has worked to raise funds for the conservation of TNC’s preserved lands and waters in Delaware, and as of 2020, Dogfish Head has contributed more than $1MM to support TNC’s Delaware Chapter. At the start of 2021, Dogfish Head and TNC took their partnership to new heights with a national “Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!” initiative, a yearlong program designed to challenge folks everywhere to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

“From rapid climate change to biodiversity loss, TNC works to address some of the biggest, most complex challenges of our lives,” said TNC’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Meg Goldthwaite, in a statement. “We are thrilled to team up around this road trip docuseries so that we can shine a light on the crucial conservation work that’s being implemented up and down the East Coast and inspire nature-lovers everywhere to protect the earth so we can all continue to enjoy and explore it for generations to come.”

Mother Nature, Let’s Do This! Road Trip – Episode 1

Mother Nature, Let’s Do This! Road Trip – Episode 2

Mother Nature, Let’s Do This! Road Trip – Episode 3

Mother Nature, Let’s Do This! Road Trip – Episode 4

For more information about Dogfish Head, its “Mother Nature, Let’s Do This!” program, and Sam and Mariah’s road trip docuseries, visit To learn more about TNC, its East Coast conservation initiatives and how to get involved, check out