Rattle N Hum – The New York Craft Beer Experience

Rattle N Hum in NYC

By C. Baker

C Baker (right) with friend David at Rattle N HumWhile on a short stint in New York City I was able to reconnect with my long-standing friend, David, that I’m 99.9% certain gave me my first beer.  A skilled NYC aficionado, David provided us with some great destination suggestion, including a fantastic craft beer bar located in the Midtown East neighborhood called, Rattle N Hum. You may be asking where the heck is Midtown East? New York Magazine describes it best: “An unlikely beer-lover’s refuge located smack in the middle of the Empire State–centric tourist crush.”  Yes, it’s close to what most of us vacationers are in NYC to see – Times Square, Central Park, 5th Ave., The Empire State Building, etc. And yes, it’s a refuge from all that shit. You can hide out on a seat at the bar whose hallway is barely wide enough to let two people pass, or if you prefer more room, grab a table in the more spacious rear section. With an extensive list of  about 40 noteworthy beers and a hefty stock of craft bottles and cans the place won us over.  Personally and as previously implied, I was temporarily taken away from NYC. Rattle N Hum provided the equivalent comforts of some of my favorite Northwest beer bars. The presence of great friends just added to the warmth of the place.

New York City view from the Empire State Building

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