Wormtown Brewing in Worcester May Soon Move To New Location

Girls Night Out at Wormtown Brewing in Worcester, MA

By Jean De Ieso

While visiting Worcester, Massachusetts in 2010, Brewpublic’s own Angelo stopped by the newly opened local Wormtown Brewery to help welcome them to Worcester  (See post with video here).

Wormtown BrewingThe July 2013 heat wave makes one crave good beer and gave me the opportunity to revisit Wormtown to see how they are doing. Several recent news articles have suggested that Worcester’s only brewery is looking to re-locate as it appears they are rapidly outgrowing their current location. And it’s easy to understand why. More and more restaurants and pubs in the region are offering Wormtown on draft. Their wide selection and ever growing seasonal offerings are just what’s needed to help grow a wider support base. The high quality of their products has sustained them, and their home base at Peppercorn’s Restaurant is a marriage made in heaven.

We opted to visit Peppercorn’s on Guest Appreciation night Monday where great food at extremely reasonable prices complemented Wormtown’ s  $7 “Flight” (a 4-glass sampling). Accompanying me was my good friend and beer connoisseur, Dawn deFrietas, who agreed that this was a great choice for “girls’ night out.”

Our selections, made with the kind assistance of barmaid Jenny, included Belgian Honey, Ginger IPA, 7 Hills Pale Ale, Mass Whole Hefe Weizen, Wormtown Summer Shandy and the Cougar Mosaic. Each one was a delight, and our only suggestion would be that the Ginger I.P.A. has a bit more ginger flavor.

Bartender at Wormtown Brewing of Worcester, MA

Overall, the night was a huge success, and one thing is for sure, I will not wait another three years before visiting Peppercorn’s/Wormtown. It will now be a regular stop.