BEERTICKERS Screening @ The Guild Public House

One of Portland’s newest craft beer destinations, The Guild Public House will feature a screening of BEERTICKERS on Monday March 21st at 8PM.

BEERTICKERS is a documentary about a strange hobby, a British tradition, curiosity, collecting, obsession, and drinking good old real ale.

Filmmaker Phil Parkin observes the beertickers in action, traveling to pubs and beer festivals while learning the rules and drinking real ales. He joins personalities such as ‘Brian the Champ’, ‘Mick the Tick’, ‘Dave Unpronounceable’ and ‘Gazza Prescott,’ landing himself a new nickname and a quest to tick 500 different beers.

The Guild Public House is located at 1101 E. Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon. For more information, call (503) 233-1743.