Life in the Boneyard

Oregon’s most populated city east of the Cascades is Bend. The high desert city is proudly home to seven craft breweries. For a town of around 81,000 residents, that is mighty impressive. And in fact, is more breweries per capita then Asheville, NC. Some may consider Bend to a microcosm to Portland’s Beervana culture.
The newest brewery to join the commercial brewing community here in Bend is Boneyard Beer. The brainchild of Anthony (Tony) Lawrence, Boneyard is a project that has literally come together piece by piece. Most recently and still running his own brewery system fabrication business under the name Brewtal, Lawrence has been collecting portions of other brewery’s surplus equipment, fixing it up and piecing it together to form his very own brewery. Having been open for about three and a half weeks, Boneyard has already wowed locals and is selling out of beer fast at Bend area pubs. This impressive beginning will only continue to allow Boneyard to grow and evolve. Of course, Boneyard would not be where it is today without the help of some friends. Clay and Melodee Storey both are a big part of Boneyard. Having been in the construction business in Bend for the past 19 years they saw how the local economy was taking a turn for the worst and decided to collaborate with Lawrence on his venture. The three of them, along with fabrication technician Matt Mazeikas, are the heart and soul of  Boneyard. I recently met up the Lawrence and asked him about Boneyard, how it come to be, and what the future holds for this up and coming brewery.

Boneyard likes to be creative and blend their own beers. A favorite combination is their Cherry Wheat and  Black 13 they call “The Dirty Girl” that when mixed has flavors of a Flemish Red Style, only not sour. Boneyard anticipates having their beers available in 16 ounce cans by Halloween of this year.

Check out more photos from Boneyard here.

You can visit the brewery at 37 NW Lake Pl, Suite B in Bend, Oregon for tasters and growler fills Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This location is a short walk from downtown Bend.

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