VIDEO: Exclusive Interview with Rogue Ales President Brett Joyce (Part 2 of 2)

Rogue Sriracha StoutIn this second and final installment of our two-part interview with Rogue Ales & Spirits president Brett Joyce, we gather insight from the brand’s leader as to some of the brewery’s exciting new products including their Srirachi Stout, Voodoo Donuts craft beer “collisions” and other brands. We also learn a little bit about Brett’s history growing up in Oregon and his thoughts on the Oregon Ducks football team contending for a national championship and the college playoff system. You might be surprised on who he is rooting for.

We also find out Brett’s thoughts on these times in craft beer. Is there a bubble? If so, will it burst anytime soon? What does this mean for Rogue? Check out the interview and see what the man has to say about the evolution, change, competition, and the whole pie of craft beer. If InBev or SABMillerCoors came to Rogue with a blank check would Rogue go the way of 10 Barrel Brewing? Hear what El Presidente has to say on this.

Thanks to Brett and Rogue for the interview and for keeping beer and brewing fun!


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