Video: Reactions to Beer in Slow Motion


TrumerAnyone who knows me knows that Trumer Pils is perhaps my favorite beer ever. I love that stuff so much. In fact, when I lived in Berkeley, California, drinking the stuff fresh was such a treat, I don’t think I can even begin to put it to words.  You see, Trumer has been making and selling their beer in Austria for more than 400 years and since 1842 their version of Pilsner came to life in Salzburg.

So, it might seem understandable that when I received an email last night from Trumer’s Austrian brand manager Christian Fressner telling me of the beer and a new video (see above) as though I hadn’t heard of it, it was like lobbing one in there. Christian’s email was simple:

Hi Angelo,

we are an Austrian private Brewery near Salzburg and you might know our product TRUMER PILS

Please watch and share our new Online-Clip:

Thank you(!) and greetings from Salzburg,


Einfach Leben!

My response:

Hi Christian,

I am a huge fan of Trumer Pils. In fact it is arguably my all-time favorite beer. Please send some of the Austrian Trumer this way!



It’s not a Trumer! from outofthenest on Vimeo.