Widmer Brothers’ Green & Gold Kölsch Inspiration of Diehard Member of Timbers Army Brewer

Abram Goldman-Armstrong, Kurt Widmer and Rob WIdmer Discussing Their New Beer Dedicated To the Timbers Army
Abram Goldman-Armstrong, Kurt Widmer and Rob WIdmer discussing the new beer dedicated to the Timbers Army, Green & Gold Kölsch.

With the Portland Timbers’ third season in the MLS already in full force comes a new beer brewed specifically for the Timbers. Yes, Widmer Brothers Brewing has recently released a beer to pay tribute to America’s Portland’s favorite pastime, Timbers soccer.

The bottle and label design is quite appealing to any Timbers fan. The packaging features the Timbers axe logo on the bottle cap, Timbers Army seal on the side of the main label and 107ist seal on the neck label. The neck label states:

“We are RCTID. Each year the Timbers Army and 107ist host a homebrew competition, bringing out the best in what makes the Rose City great: craft beer, creativity, and a passion for the green and gold. Timbers Army homebrewer Abram “Abe” Goldman-Armstrong’s recipe was chosen and brewed by Widmer Brothers for you to enjoy as you cheer on your Timbers. Pints up Portland”

Widmer Green & Gold Forever

Well-known Timbers Army member Goldman-Armstrong originally brewed Green & Gold Kölsch for the 2012 Timbers Army Homebrew Competition in its third year. Inspired from Abe’s trip to Cologne, Germany during 2006 to catch the World Cup he recreated this style and entered it into the Timbers Army Homebrew Competition. His beer was chosen as the “Full 90” winner. This allowed him to assist in re-developing the beer with Widmer Brothers for large-scale production. In order to get this transition as accurate to his original homebrew recipe, three test batches were produced at Widmer’s Rose Garden facility on their 10-barrel system. This recreation of Abram’s original homebrew recipe even allowed him to add some of his own backyard grown Hallertauer Hops to the brew.

Timbers Army in action
Timbers Army in action!
Widmer Green & Gold Kolsch
Widmer Green & Gold Kolsch

The results of Green & Gold Kölsch is a beer of pale, golden straw color with subtle spiciness of cracked black pepper followed by a crisp dry finish from the Kölsch yeast.

Green & Gold Kölsch will be available for the duration of the Timbers 2013 season in 22 ounce bottles and on draught with its own special Timbers Army tap handle at pubs and restaurants in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Green & Gold Kölsch Details:

Malts: Two-Row Pale

Hops: Alchemy, Hallertauer, Mt. Hood

IBU: 35

ABV: 5.2%


John Beermonger Shows His Support
John Beermonger shows his Timbers support!
Fred Eckhardt Supports The Timbers Army
Fred Eckhardt supports the Timbers Army