Killer Belgian Fest at Bazi Bierbrasserie on Wednesday

Bazi BierbrasserieWhen it was decided that we would incorporate a Belgian Beer Fest into Killer Beer Week we looked no further than Bazi Bierbrasserie. Named “2014 Top 100 Beer Bars in America” by DRAFT Magazine and “2014 Top Beer Bars in Portland” by The Oregonian, we knew that we found the perfect spot with Bazi.

The inaugural Killer Belgian Fest will take place tomorrow on Wednesday, October 22nd at Bazi Bierbrasserie from 5:00 to 10:00pm. With 18 West Coast born Belgian-Style beers on tap, this is one night surely not to be missed.

KBW 2014 Color LogoBazi Bierbrasserie is Portland’s best spot for consistently locating a vast array of delectable Belgian and Belgian-style craft beer. Bazi is a wonderland for all things Belgian. Proprietor Hilda Stevens has worked tooth and nail with us to round up some of Oregon’s best offerings to fit the bill on this occasion.

Brewpublic and Bazi have round up some of Oregon’s best and some favorite West Coast offerings on this occasion. Look for rare treats and a few old favorites including:

  • 10 Barrel Black Currant Crush: 4.5% ABV,  Berliner Weiss, hazy orange color, tart flavor, tannic black currant note, surprisingly drinkable and refreshing.
  • 13 Virtues Jean-Claude Van Damn: 10.5% ABV, strong dark aged in pinot noir barrels for three months. Notes of dark fruits including raisins, plums, figs, and dates with the barrels adding hints of cherry, vanilla, and oak.
  • Ambacht Belgian Brown: 8% ABV, dubbel style, dark brown, nice size tan head, tropical esters, caramel and toffee notes, medium-light bodied.
  • Agrarian Ales Porch Song Saison: 7.2% ABV, burnt orange, super bright fruity flavors with solid autumn malt backbone and a nice tart finish.
  • Breakside Apollo Dionysus: 9.7% ABV, This is the barrel-aged version of our collaboration beer with Widmer Brothers Brewing, Saison a Fleurs. The base saison is made with jasmine, chrysanthemum, and Szechuan peppercorn. The beer was then aged for five months in Old Tom Gin barrels from Ransom Spirits. The result is a botanical, tart, and very dry beer that is as reminiscent of a summer cocktail as much as a heavy hitting barrel-aged beer.
  • The Commons Flemish Kiss: 6.5% ABV, pale ale, slightly dry, fruity beer with a hint of floral Brett character. Silver Medal GABF!
  • Double Mountain Morder Weizen: 7% ABV, fresh hop wheat beer, standard weizen (with a little more malt) and gets a healthy dose of fresh Magnums (around 150lbs.) and ferments on our Kolsch yeast. Ripe cantaloupe, spicy grass, and dank papaya dominate the nose.
  • Fort George Magnifera Indica Belga: 7.3% ABV, mango fruit beer, strong spicy notes with earth tones that leave a peppery finish.
  • Ecliptic Facula Tripel Wit: 7.9% ABV, Facula are the bright regions of the sun that surround sunspots. The beer is golden in color and reminds us of our Sun. The base beer is brewed in the Belgian Tripel style and refers to the amount of malt needed to make the beer. This smooth, easy drinking beer has notes of honey, while the yeast adds a slight spiciness to the beer and compliments the lower hopping rate. Coriander and Orange peel were added in the kettle to make this hybrid style.
  • Gigantic Le Petit Batard: 4.3% ABV, table saison expressing the floral, spicy and fruity notes of the yeast.
Gigantic Le Petit Batard
Gigantic Le Petit Batard
  • Hopworks Apple Saison: 5.8% ABV, a traditional Belgian Golden Ale with juice from Organic Washington and Oregon apples. Delicate floral aromas layer over tart flavors of freshly picked Honeycrisp and Gala apples. A subtle wheat malt body gives way to a refreshing, effervescent finish. Crisp and delicious as a Fall day in the orchard.
  • Logsdon Spring Break Saison: 6.5% ABV, this is the original Logsdon beer that was blended to create the Solera dark saison bretta collaboration.
  • Lompoc Forbidden Fruit Saison: 5.9% ABV, saison brewed with 64 lbs of black currant by Bazi’s owner for their anniversary, ruby golden color, white lasting head, fruity aroma and taste, tart finish.
  • Migration Brewing Fletch’s Freshest Belgian Pale Ale: 5.6% ABV, fresh Meridian hops, strong lemon aromas and flavors with some tropical fruit notes.
  • Oakshire Daft Punkin: 5.7% ABV, autumn farmhouse ale, hazy golden color, big aroma of ripe fruit intertwined with subtle fall spices. Light bodied, crisp spiciness and a mild heat from the peppers.
  • pFriem Fresh Hop Belgian Blonde: 6% ABV, brewed with a large quantity of Fresh Equinox Hops from Yakima, Washington.  Dank, peach, fresh pine aromas lift from the glass.  It gives flavors of lime, strawberry, and green pepper.  It finishes zesty and fresh.
  • Stone Stochasticity Quadrotriticale: 9.3% ABV, Belgian-style quadrupel brewed with a special grain called triticale.
  • Upright Todo Modo: 3.8% ABV, using Saison Dupont’s yeast strain, session-style hoppy saison, nice fruity contrast, bit of tartness on back-end.
Taps at Bazi
Taps at Bazi

Also make sure to wear your favorite Brewpublic gear to receive $1.00 off all event beer during the night’s festivities.

Bazi Bierbrasserie
1532 SE 32nd Ave
Portland, OR 97214