Ride the Brewvana Bus to BrewPubliCrawl

The Brewvana Brewery Tours Bus in Action

We’re pleased to once again announce that the Brewvana Brewery Tours bus will be picking up and dropping off pub crawlers at tomorrows Meet the Brewer BrewPubliCrawl. Brewvana Brewery Tours hasn’t formally launched yet, but proprieter Ashley Rose Salvitti has graciously offered her services for the Crawl. Salvitti recently told us more about what the company will be offering, see what she had to say, and tomorrows pickup and dropoff schedule after the jump.

The morning pick-up schedule is:

  • Pick up at Plew’s Brews (8409 N. Lombard, St Johns) 11AM
  • Pick up at Saraveza (1004 N. Killingsworth) ~11:30AM
  • Pick up at Concordia Ale House (3276 NE Killingsworth) ~12Noon
  • Pick up at Laurelwood Pub & Brewery (5115 NE Sandy Blvd) ~12:30PM

The evening drop-off schedule is:

  • Depart The Beer Mongers ~6pm
  • Depart Blitz Ladd ~7:30pm

Dropoff order for both departures will be:

1. Jupiter Hotel (800 East Burnside) where discounted rooms will be available for discounted rates if you use codeword “BEER” when booking. For room reservations call (503) 230-9200.

2. Laurelwood Pub & Brewery

3. Concordia Ale House

4. Saraveza

5. Plew’s Brews

The bus holds 14 passengers and will be first come first served. In the morning, if the bus is filled at the first pickup stops, it will drop patron’s off at Victory Bar (the first crawl stop), then return to the subsequent pickup stops to fill up again. The bus may also be available to take crawlers between the farther apart crawl stops: from Lompoc to Bar Avignon and Avignon to Beer Mongers.

BRWPUBLIC caught up with Brewvana propieter Ashley Rose Salvitti to find out more about her exciting new business.

Brewvana's Ashley Rose Salvitti and Jason Goodard

She says:

“With this city overflowing with amazing, handcrafted beers, my company will embrace the beer culture and promote local breweries by conducting a brewery tour experience that will leave people with an elated sense of brewvana in the beer capitol of the world. I define brewvana as the euphoric state of awareness, appreciation and love for Portland’s finest craft beer.”

“It is my goal to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the breweries and other key players in the beer world, in a combined effort to support our local beer! With my background in the service industry I will not only go above and beyond to provide the best experience possible to my guests, but I will be very considerate when visiting the establishments. I will be educated about their brewery and be working with them to showcase the beers that they would like me to represent, and in the way that they choose. I will keep the capacity to 14 and visit the breweries at their convenience (on their schedule), in an effort to maximize the success of these machines that produce the liquid that we love.”

“BREWVANA will provide 4 consistent weekly tour options (same times, same breweries), one monthly connoisseur tour, and 4 seasonal tours per year. The tours will be all inclusive and provide transportation and beer samples, plus some of the following: education: tasting 101 and brewing 101, food and beer pairing, walkthroughs of the facilities, Q n A with brewer, trivia, games and more.”

“The tours will also range from amateur imbiber to ceravisaphile. An intro tour will provide a general overview of beer in this city while a connoisseur tour that will provide a more in depth view of the brewing process, a sampling of rare specialty beers and more. The connoisseur tour will be led by a different Portland brewer each month. It will cater to the local beer SNOBs and will require a more advanced brewing knowledge and experience.”

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