Brewer's Collective @ Portland U-Brew

Thursday Dec 15th 6pm P.U.B. Brewer’s Collective

All-Grain Brewing & Mash Tuns

One thing that a lot of homebrewers want to learn about is “All-Grain” brewing. One of my favorite things is to see all the different types of mash tuns people make, so I figured we could combine the two. We’re asking for anyone who can easily bring in their mash tun to do so. This will give you a chance to show off your engineering prowess, and let others see how many kinds of mash tuns are out there to be built. If you don’t have a MT, or cannot bring it in then don’t worry about it. There won’t be a guest speaker because I want YOU the homebrewers to be the star of this collective! Please email any questions to Aaron at