Burnside Brewing Releases Neptune's Wrath

Jason McAdam with Neptune's Wrath (photo from Burnside Brewing Co.)

New Burnside Brewing strong ale released in Magnum sized bottles Tuesday on February 28, 2012.

Neptune’s Wrath is an Strong Ale brewed with 18 gallons of Hama Hama oyster liquor and 4 pounds Lemon peel. We took half of this batch of beer and aged it in Cristom Pinot noir barrels. After 6 months on oak we back blended it with the non barrel aged half. This beer is 10.2% ABV and has notes of cherry, french oak, malt sweetness with a slight brininess at the back end.

Packaged in Magnum sized (1.5 litres or 51oz) and limited to only 100 hand numbered green glass bottles with a wraparound label Neptune’s Wrath is expected to cellar well and be a valuable edition to anyone’s craft beer collection! Bottles go on sale at the pub opening this Tuesday 2/28 at 3pm for $30.

Burnside Brewing Neptune's Wrath