Cheers To Belgian Beers Announces List of Beers

A little taste of Bruges heads to Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) as the fourth Portland’s Cheers to Belgian Beers festival arrives on Saturday, May 1. All net proceeds from this year’s festival will be donated to Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon.

Portland’s Cheers to Belgian Beers started four years ago to raise funds for local charities and introduce Oregonians to the breadth of beer styles and flavors brewed in Belgium. Most of the beers at the festival are made by Oregon breweries using the same yeast strain in a Belgian-inspired manner. A “People’s Choice” winner is selected from the 33 beers by festival attendees and the winning brewery chooses the charity for next year as well as the yeast strain to be used.

Here’s a list of the beers to be featured at this year’s Cheers to Belgian Beers event. The Y/N indicates yes or no regarding the use of this year’s Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse yeast strain. This strain produces complex esters balanced with earthy/spicy notes. Slightly tart and dry with a peppery finish. A perfect strain for farmhouse ales and Saisons.

Attenuation: 74-79%

Alc. Tolerance: 12%

Flocculation: variable

Temperature Range: 70-95°F (21-35°C)

BREWERY      BEER      Plato      ABV      IBU      YEAST      STYLE

Ambacht Ambacht Black Gold     15.2     6.8     25     Y     Porter

Amnesia Brewing Company Dilemma     17.3     7.9     70     N     Belgian IPA

Big Horse Cuvee de Ferme     –     6.3     –     Y     Blend of 3 Beers: Rye Saison, Sour Mash Wheat, 2 yr old Golden with Pedio & Lacto

Block 15 La Ferme’ de Demons     19     8.8     31     Y    Black Saison: Aged in Pinot, Oregon Oak & Bourbon Barrels, Oregon Tart Cherry

Bridgeport Fallen Friar Firkin     –     8.2     –     N     Belgian Triple: 5 mo. in Pinot Barrel, Year in Firkin

Cascade Brewing Frite Galois     14     4.6     13     Y     Ur-Biere de Neuve: Warm Conditioned, Barrel Aged Sour

Deschutes – Bend Pub Tropisch Bruin     12.5     4.8     35     Y     Belgian Brown Ale w/ Tamarind Fruit

Deschutes – Pearl Sinfully Delicious DSA     19     9.2     17     Y     Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Double Mountain Brewery Bonne Idee     17.2     8.4     50     Y     Oregon Farmhouse Ale

Double Mountain Brewery Bonne Idee Kriek     –     8     48     Y     Oregon Farmhouse Ale: Blended with Devils Kriek 2010

Fort George Magnifera Indica Belgae     19     7.9     15     Y     Strong Belgian Fruit Ale (Mango)

Green Dragon King Ghidorah     20     9.2     25     Y     Biere DeGarde: 87% Rogue Whiskey Barrel Fermented, 13% Stainless Fermented

Hopworks Urban Brewery DiaBlato     23     11     20     Y     STRONG Belgian Golden

Laurelwood Infared     17     7.5     65     Y     Belgian NW Red Ale

Lompoc 5Q Saison The Beach     –     5.5     –     Y     Saison w/ Candied ginger, Peppercorns

Lucky Labrador Brewpub Malt Bomb V     16.2     5.4     25     Y     BIG

Lucky Labrador BeerHall Doggie Kong     17.3     6.4     0     Y     Dog House

Mactarnahans Lip Stinger     13.5     4.8     32     N     Farmhouse Ale w/ Peppercorn

Max’s Fanno Creek Reverand’s Daughter     16     5.4     20     N     Belgian Golden Strong

McMenamins Kennedy School The Life of Riley Honey Wheat     13.3     5.7     20     Y  Wheat Ale w/ Honey, Bitter & Sweet Orange Peel, Coriander

McMenamins Crystal The Big Worm     21     9.3     10     Y     Belgian Special Ale

New Old Lompoc Norman Invasion     –     5.6     –     Y     Biere DeGarde

Oakshire Brewing La Ferme     15.8     7.8     15     Y     Farmhouse w/ Rosehips, Lemon & Grapefruit Peel, Grains of Paradise

Old Market Pub & Brewery Red Headed Step Child     14     6     10     Y     Belgian Amber: Brett Pinot Barrel Aging

Pelican Pub Le Pelican d’OR     18.1     8.4     45     Y     Belgian Golden Strong

Philadelphia’s Philly’s Belgian IPA     19.5     8     88     Y     Belgian IPA

Rock Bottom Floreal IV     13     5.9     35     Y     Who Wants To Know?

Rogue Ales John’s Dark & Scary     18.8     9     35     Y     Belgian Dark Strong

Rogue Ales – Tracktown Bannister Belgian Strong     18     8.8     25     Y     Belgian Golden Strong
Roots Organic Brewing Brune “O”     17     6.6     28     Y     Belgian Brown Ale

Silver Moon Saison de Moon     13.3     5.9     24     Y     Farmhouse Saison

Widmer Biere De Table     8     3.7     26     Y     Farmhouse Table Beer

Upright Brewing Mingus and Monk     16.8     7.2     22     Y     Farmhouse Brown: Partially Barrel Aged with Currants Soaked in 2 Fortified Wines