Deschutes, Ninkasi, and Rogue Top Brewpublic's Readers Poll

Deschutes Brewery

Congratulations to Deschutes Brewery for winning Brewpublic’s reader’s poll for the people’s favorite brewery.

After more than 6,200 votes came in (one vote per IP address) for up to five breweries out of  70 statewide Deschutes was the clear winner, challenged only by Ninkasi Brewing of Eugene. Deschutes, received 682 votes, 10.99% of the total. Runner up Ninkasi yielded an impressive 630 votes, 10.16% of the total. Finishing in third place in the poll was Rogue with 396 votes, 6.38% of the total.

It’s no surprise that Deschutes is a favorite amongst a range of craft beer lovers here considering the world class beers from a range of styles that they put forth. Only Craft Brewers Alliance (Widmer, Redhook et al) is the larger production brewer of craft beer in the state making Deschutes’ consistently flavorsome brands more readily available to over a dozen states nationwide. Deschutes’ wide range of beers, from their palest ales to their most abysmal imperial stouts, have captured the heart and imaginations and palates of a great spectrum of us.

Ninkasi is a brand that speaks to today’s craft beer revolutionary’s youthful hearts and brings together generations of craft beer drinkers in an almost cult-like manner. Jamie Floyd and his inclusive approach to beer and community has had an affect on Oregon craft beer that has been undeniably infectious. Since 2006, Ninkasi has grown as a mind-blowing rate. Their new brewhouse is a true spectacle. Look for them to show up strong in any Oregon popularity contest because they’ve exhibited their Total Domination approach ain’t no joke.

Rogue is a brewery that evokes unquestionable topicality. The biggest Oregon player in the world craft beer game, you can find Rogue’s reputable brands in 20 countries and all corners of the United States. Branding a Republican capitalist’s MO via imagery and symbolism of rebellious socialism hasn’t won over the company’s devout patrons as much as its range of consistently favorable brands, but there’s no denying that Rogue is a force to be reckoned with. Brewmaster John Maier is one of the greatest minds in modern American craft brewing. Through his spirit of brewing, Rogue has persisted as one of the best in the business.

Following the top three finishers on Brewpublic’s Favorite Breweries of Oregon Poll, three notable smaller scale breweries make their voices heard quite loud. Hopworks, Double Mountain, and Laurelwood no doubt kick ass when it comes to a variety of brands noted by Northwest beer head for their uncanny abilities to get so much out of bundle of  lupulin laden fruits. Hops. We love it here, and the use them by the top three “mid-range” Oregon faves on our poll is proof.

Hopworks, who came in fourth place in our poll, provides a lot to love. Big hoppy, clean and consistent beers. That aside, their branding of organics, community, and family affirms a sense of where many Cascadian’s tastes reside. Winning medals at national beer competitions (like GABF and WBC) in their short history is further proof that former Laurelwood brewer Christian Ettinger and former Pelican brewer Ben Love is a recipe for stellar brew.

Double Mountain has reinvented the attitude of beer in Hood River. On a major scale, Full Sail has been holding it down since reinventing the wheel here in ’87. In fact, the dudes at DM cut their Oregon brewtooths at their neighborhood pub (who doesn’t love Full Sail?). Charlie Devereux’s fastidiousness and Brewmaster Matt Swihart’s utmost dedication to putting forth wondrously head-turning brands have raised the bar for beer entering into the new millennium.

Laurelwood has long been a family-centric environment with a complex for making complex beer. The company strikes a chord with community values and organics, and has built upon the early brewing ground work of Christian Ettinger with the utmost care thanks to current brewmaster Chad Kennedy. Kennedy has carved out his own identity as an elite brewer on an international level.

It was great to see that all of the breweries on our poll received votes. There remains an uncanny passion for craft beer that is ever growing not just here in Oregon but throughout the nation. Cheers!

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