First Annual BenFest

BenFest brewers clockwise from top left: Flerchinger (Lucky Lab), Edmunds (Breakside), Engler (Occidental), Love (Hopworks), Dobler (Widmer)  Photo by Matt Wiater of

Brewpublic and Portland Beer & Music bring you the first annual BenFest at the Grain & Gristle. This unique event is a celebration of brewers named Ben and their amazing contributions to craft beer. For this Ben-efit, each Ben will unveil a special keg of brew.  In addition, a few brewers have decided to brew beers in honor of the Bens.

Besides the beer, you will be able to enjoy food from Grain & Gristle co-founder and chef, Ben Meyer. Besides the regular menu, the Twofer will be available during BenFest, a meal meant to split with your date, best friend or one of the Bens.

Portland Ben beers:

  • Ben Engler of Occidental Brewing: Ben-Alt-imate, a German-style Alt bier
  • Ben Dobler of Widmer Bros. Brewing: Friends with Benefits, Three year aged Russian Imperial Stout with black Benberries
  • Ben Edmunds of Breakside Brewing: Peach HefeweissBen, unfiltered wheat beer with peaches
  • Ben Flerchinger of Lucky Lab Beer Hall: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cold Cream Ale, in collaboration with Jerry Fechter, Lompoc Brewing Owner,
  • Ben Love of Hopworks Urban Brewery: BourBen De Ieso Spades, Bourbon barrel aged Ace of Spades Imperial IPA

Bonus Bens:

Celebrating Bens beer:

  • Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing and Shawn Kelso of Barley Brown’s Brewery: Ben Lime, a blend of Barley Brown’s Hot Blonde chili beer and Upright Four with lime and coriander
  • Vasilios Gletos now of Laurelwood, and Thomas Bleigh of MacTarnahan’s: Pyramid/MacTarnahan’s: Has Ben, whiskey barrel aged Humbug’r (Blackwatch Porter)

For this special event there will be a limited quantity of BenFest t-shirts for sale.

Have questions about the beers? Ask the brewers as all but the Alaskan Bens will be at the bar.