Fort George/Dunedin Florida-Oregon Trail Collaboration Release Parties

Astoria on The Rock Special Release
By Brian Bovenizer
Fort George and Dunedin Brewery present “Astoria on the Rock,” the Florida brewery’s “The Rock” Imperial IPA brewed on Fort George’s Sweet Virginia system.
Earlier in the year, Fort George brewer, Jason Palmberg, set off to Dunedin, Florida with a suitcase full of hops and some extremely white skin to brew a version of Vortex IPA at Dunedin’s brewhouse.  Next Dunedin made a cross-country trip in their new refrigerated truck to deliver a keg of “Vortex on the Bay” to Fort George for a tasting.  It was gone in an hour. Dunedin and Fort George Brewers Collaborate
While hanging out in Astoria, the Dunedin brewers took up shop in the Fort George 8.5bbl Sweet Virginia brewery inside the Public House.  After one day as Fort George cellar-men, they infiltrated the brew schedule to brew The Rock.
Dunedin Brewery at Fort George in AstoriaTo complete the collaboration, we will celebrate with a couple of parties in the beginning of September.  The collaborating brewers will be on-hand to answer questions, share the intricacies of the two brews and breweries, and drink some of these extremely limited Imperial IPAs.
Fort George Brewery – 12pm Saturday, September 1st
Saraveza [PDX] – 6pm Tuesday, September 4th
Follow Dunedin on their FL-Oregon Trail at their blog. 
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