Hair of the Dog Anniversary Sale

After conditioning and sampling I have prices for the release Beers at the Anniversary sale November 12th, from 9 to 12. Doggie Claws is lush and tasty, nice carbonation and a firm bitterness. It will be $5 a bottle, $95 a case. Bourbon Fred from the Wood is a bit of a disappointment because of the carbonation level, which is low, even by my standards. The Beer is still delicious, smooth and rich with a great bourbon flavor. It may self carbonate in the future, or maybe not. It will be $7 a bottle, $140 a case. Adam from the Wood is like no other, and should make you smile, he will be $15 a bottle, limit 24. Hope to see you here – Alan Sprints, Hair of the Dog Brewery

Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred From The Wood

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