Laurelwood Brewers Extend Commitment to Water Stewardship Through Partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Portland’s First Certified Organic Brewery signs on to Water Restoration Certificate Program

Laurelwood Brewing Company announced today that it has signed a three-­?year contract with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation tosupport its Water Restoration Certificate program. The purchase will result in restoring one million gallons of water to Oregon’s Deschutes River. BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate (WRC) program is the first national-­?level, market-­?based solution that enables businesses to take responsibility for water consumption by helping restore water flow to critically de-­?watered creeks and rivers.

“As a brewery we obviously rely on the outstanding quality of Oregon water along with all our other ingredients. We believe that the Bonneville Environmental Foundation provides the most direct and effective program to put water back in local de-­?watered rivers and streams” explains Chad Kennedy, Laurelwood’s Brewmaster.

Laurelwood’s purchase will result in one million gallons of water restored to the Deschutes River in Central Oregon– a popular destination for fisherman, rafters and other outdoor enthusiasts -­? during the next three years. BEF is collaborating with the Deschutes River Conservancy, the organization that facilitates negotiations with local water rights holders and manages stream flow restoration projects in the Deschutes basin. The State of Oregon assures compliance.

BEF launched the WRC program in August 2009. The program provides economic incentives for water rights holders who historically have had to adhere to a policies that foster a “use it or lose it” model for water use. BEF, in partnership with water trust organizations, provides payment to water rights holders that allows them to use their water to restore flow in critically and chronically de-­?watered streams. Each WRC represents 1,000 gallons of water restored to these streams. Standards and criteria for the program have been certified by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to ensure water is returned in ways that provide the greatest environmental benefit to rivers, streams, and fish and wildlife populations.

“Whether it’s sourcing Organic ingredients for our beer, buying local produce for our kitchens or sending food waste to the compost pile and not the municipal dump, our company is committed to helping make a positive difference in the communities in which we do business,” says Mike DeKalb, Founder and Owner of Laurelwood Brewing Co.

“We are thrilled to be working with Laurelwood,” notes Rob Harmon, BEF’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Their support for a new standard of water stewardship demonstrates their deep commitment to the communities and culture of the Pacific Northwest.”

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