Lompoc 1060 EZ Taxation Ale & Don's Bitter Release

AThe great Don Youngerpril 15, we’ll be drowning our tax day sorrows at Sidebar from 4-10 pm with the release of 1060 EZ Taxation Ale, a high gravity golden ale brewed with flaked corn.  Its deep golden color and aroma of corn grits complement the light body and flavor notes of cornbread and honey.  We’ll also release our Don Younger Tribute beer that night: Don’s Bitter was first brewed for Don and the Horse Brass’ sister pub, The Princess of Wales, in the fall of 2009.  Don called the original batch “extremely close” to the ordinary bitters omnipresent in British pubs, and as a tribute to Portland’s finest publican, we’ve tweaked the recipe slightly to Don’s taste to honor him.  Brewed with the finest quality Golden Promise malt and English Challenger and Fuggle hops, Don’s Bitter is anything but ordinary with a deep golden hue, and earthy, slightly sweet maltiness that is delicately balanced by English hops for a highly quaffable pint perfect for a few rounds with friends at the pub.