P.U.B. Mini-Christmasfest & Winter Beer Competition @ Portland U-Brew

Sun Dec 11th 3pm P.U.B. Mini-Christmasfest, and Winter Beer Competition!

Christmas time is a time of peace, brotherly love, and awesome winter beers! In a friendly competition we decided to come up with two separate, and two collaboration celebration beers to see which one is the best. Come try all four, and vote for your favorite!

Webb’s Wonderful Winter Warmer – Classic winter warmer with Jason’s special blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and Chocolate Mint Milano Cookies! 8% ABV 51 IBU’s

Portland U-Brewster Aaron Gillham with some fresh hops that we grew.Aaron’s Secret XMAS Ale – Brewed with a base of Bohemian Floor Malted Pilsner, and a symphony of 8 different specialty malts including toasted oats. Lots of hops reminiscent of “christmas trees” are used throughout to compliment the subtle notes of juniper berries, and late addition candy canes on the nose. Christmas in a glass! 9.4% ABV 66.6 IBU’s

P.U.B. Xmas Beer – Using just 2 row, Munich, and Crystal malts we combined all our favorite holiday beers together with German hops, and a Belgian yeast. We brewed it 2 months ago, and gave it some time to age, because this bad boy was way too naughty for Christmas. 8.7% ABV 51 IBU’s

Sugar Plum – This is the beer brewed during our 3rd Brewer’s Collective by our local homebrewers, and Vasili Gletsos from Laurelwood Brewing Co. Made half and half with Belgian and American grains this beer had a sugar plum slurry added to it in secondary. What’s a sugar plum slurry? Well it’s toasted almonds and hazelnuts blended with dates, apricots, honey, and classic Christmas spices. 7.6% ABV 62 IBU’s