Pelican Cuvee de Phillipe

On Friday July 9, Pelican Brewery will be releasing a brand new brew called Cuvee de Phillipe. It has spent six months in red wine barrels that previously held Oregon Syrah from Basket Case and Soléna wineries. Now infused with an enticing harmony of Belgian beer and red wine character, Cuvee de Phillipe has an earthy, oaky nose that jumps out of the glass and hints at the complexities to follow. A golden amber color, veiled with a slight haze, also shows the merest hint of red tones. A rich plum-like flavor shows off the red wine character, while a moderate hop profile keeps the beer involved. Soft malt flavors marry with fruity syrah character through the middle of the flavor. Wine character asserts itself again in the finish, which is soft and rounded with some acidity and light tannins to balance the hops.

This beer will be available on draft at the Pelican Brewpub until they run out.