Roots Organic Finishes Remodel

(Portland, OR) Roots Organic Brewing Company, the first certified all-organic brewery in the state of Oregon, has just completed the remodeling of the dining room, kitchen and Banquet room.

Says owner Craig Nicholls: “We know, we know. It’s about damn time. We heard you, and have responded in a big way. We are pleased to announce Roots expansion is complete, and to celebrate, we offer you full table service and LUNCH! Yes, we are now open for lunch at 11:30 am, Mondays – Sunday.

“We remodeled the dining room. We have all new tables and chairs and we built a beautiful custom bench along the wall for a more relaxing experience.

“We have nearly completed our 2,000 sq., ft., event room next door and have already held a few parties in it!! We added more seating capacity and a new separate bar. We offer special menus from the kitchen and a variety of event packages styled to your liking.”

To book an event contact, Sarah at,

Craig Nicholls of Roots
Craig Nicholls of Roots

Nicholls continues “In considering our lunch service, we knew that we had to do it right. Our beer kicks ass, and we knew that we had to get our food up to the same level. We’ve always made everything from scratch, using only the freshest, locally-grown, and organic produce, we even use a majority of the veggies used in house from our own organic garden. We’ve never settled for anything less than all-natural meats, which we hand-smoke with love. So, what could be better than that? We hired a Head Chef to run our brand-new kitchen. Allow us to introduce you to Chef Chris Helmintaler. He’s from Phoenix, Arizona. He has over twenty years of kitchen experience, ten of which, as an executive chef. He’s prepared a fabulous lunch and dinner menu with all-new, healthy soups, salads, sandwiches and of course our signature hand rubbed Jerk Chicken and Jerk Baby Back Ribs to tell your friends about. We even offer an extensive vegan and gluten free menu. And of course kids are always welcome.”