Seven Brides To Open New Taproom

In the heart of hop country five friends are living the dream of craft brewing. Not only do they find themselves in the  backyard of some amazing Willamette Valley hop acreage, but they amidst landscape of  grape orchids that yield world renowned wines.

Seven Brides Brewing of Silverton, Oregon neighbors the gently rolling hills of Mt Angel, a town where the brewery’s co-founder Jeff DeSantis runs Hops 2 You, a small business dedicated to getting smaller bales of resinous hops to Oregon craft brewers. DeSantis, along with his brother Ken, friends Josiah Kelley, and brother Phill and Karl Knoll, have been in business producing craft beer focused on a locally harvested ingredients and sustainable practices.

Now just two years after a humble start, Seven Brides has made a big leap to an amazing 17,500 square foot brewpub. Featuring a 20-barrel brewery on premise, the new taproom will host ten taps of Seven Brides’ signature and seasonal beers. “We look at this as a launching point for us,” says Jeff DeSantis. “We’ve worked really hard to get to this point and this (new taproom) enables us to take Seven Brides to the next level.”

The new taproom is a great stop for locals and tourist. Interpolated by the gently rolling freeholds of Mt Angel and the waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park, Seven Brides’ is a venture that folks like DeSantis, who grew up here, have been longing for. “We are excited for Silverton and the area,” he says. And, for those who are not only in it for the beer, Seven Brides’ taproom offers something for everyone. “We are a family-friendly establishment,” says DeSantis, who’s brewery namesake constitutes daughters ranging from 3 to 16 years old. Cuisine will include Mediterranean veggie flatbread, local chicken and pork sausage from Mt Angel, brats on a bun, brats with kraut, cheese plates, and more. For the wine enthusiast, Vitis Ridge, a small boutique vineyard from Silverton will be serving 13  varieties at the taproom as well.

The Seven Brides Taproom grand opening is slated for May 27 through the 31 from 3pm-11pm Thursday and Friday, and noon to 11pm Saturday through Monday. The establishment is located on Highway 214 at 990 1st Street in Silverton, Oregon.