Single Hop Series Release @ Portland U-Brew

Portland U-Brew

Here at P.U.B. we love to experiment, and try new things. We also love to learn about our craft as much as possible. With that spirit in mind we created our own Single Hop Series. It’s 8 beers brewed with the same base, but using only 1 different type of hop for each batch. It has taken us a while to finish them all, but they are now sitting in our cooler waiting to be enjoyed. We’re hoping to learn all the different bittering, aroma, and flavor characteristics of each hop. We’ll take everything we have off tap, and start pouring the Single Hop Series at 4:00 on Sat Nov 12th. It’s $8 for eight 4 oz samples of each beer. It’s definitely going to be a lot of fun, and we hope to see you there!
Single Hop Beers: Cascade, Centennial, Galaxy, Magnum, Perle, Sterling, Target, Tettnanger