The Commons Brewery Announces 3rd Anniversary & Taplists

Commons 3rd Anniversary

When I am pulling a pint at my local or on the right side of things sitting before one, there’s never a day without a wandering beer lover from out of town asking where the best spots are to check out for the best craft brew. Often times they’re looking for just a handful of recommendations or less (sometimes just one or two) because, let’s face it, there are varying degrees of passion toward craft beer by the passersby and on top of this, our city of Portland is mecca for craft beer with more than 50 breweries and a seemingly endless number of sanctuaries for variety and quality. And to this question, I without a doubt make mention to The Common Brewery in Southeast Portland.

Mike Wright of The Commons Brewery

The Commons Brewery's Mike Wright
The Commons Brewery’s Mike Wright

It seems like the friendly, hardworking, intelligent, and cohesive staff have been knocking out beer here at this not-so-common Belgique brew boutique forever and a day. But the stark reality of it is, The Commons have only been open for business since 2011. That was when hobbyist and award winning homebrewer Michael “Mike” Wright decided he was ready to follow his passion, and like so few humans have the gumption to do, he took his little bit of stardust and grew it into something more than special. Bringing into the fold the one-of-a-kind brewmaster Sean Burke to bolster consistency on a larger scale and all-around beer guru and friend to all in the trade Josh Grgas, who also serves as VP at the Oregon Brewers Guild.

The Commons brew team L to R: Sean Burke, Josh Grgas, Mike Wright

From there, The Commons have added valuable pieces to their ever-expanding puzzle without seeming to overstep too quickly. From something small to something of common interest to a forthcoming new home of greater size off Southeast Belmont Street in the heart of Brewers Row, this nationally awarded Belgian-inspired brewhouse is making waves without getting too big for its britches or losing the humble appeal that makes them a destination to, as their mantra states, “Gather Around Beer.” We couldn’t be happier for our friends at The Commons and offer you the following information passed along from an email that landed on our desks earlier this morning:

Press release from The Commons Brewery:

The Commons brewers Mike Wright (left) and Sean Burke at GABF
The Commons brewers Mike Wright (left) and Sean Burke at GABF

In December 2011 we unlocked our doors, feeling uncertain how many people would actually show up to our humble little brewery. Just about 3 years later we are still proudly making beer, a few of which have won awards at World Beer Cup and GABF, all the while scrupulously scanning over blueprints for our new building on SE Belmont. 

These past few years have taught us a lot and have also brought us new friends. On December 6th, we hope you can join us to celebrate the last 3 years, from the great beers to the bruised backs, and wish us all many more. Our taplist will be a mix of a few favorites from the cellar, a few debut beers (including a special Imperial Stout made specifically for this event) and some sessionable mainstays.

Commons Brewery 3rd Anniversary
@ Commons Brewery Tasting Room
Saturday, Dec 6th, 2-9 PM
1810 SE 10th, Unit E

Opening Taplist

The Commons Brewery founder Mike Wright with his World Beer Cup award1. Urban Farmhouse  – Our flagship saison has been on tap 1 everyday the brewery has been open for business.

2. Buckwheat Grissette – Belgian table beer with Buckwheat and Brettanomyces.

3. Trillium – Blended farmhouse ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, Brettanomyces Lambicus and house grown cultures.

4. 3rd Anniversary Stout – Imperial Stout featuring 10 different malts aged in Bourbon barrels previously containing Bourbon Little Brother and Brotherly Love. 

5. 2014 Bourbon Little Brother – Sneak preview of our popular winter bottle seasonal. Belgian Dark Strong Ale partially aged in Bourbon barrels. 

6. 2014 Maybelle – Farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with BSI’s Brettanomyces Bruxellensis variant Drei.

7. Putin from the Wood – Baltic Porter aged in Bourbon barrels.

8. Pils – Because everyone needs a pilsner. Northern German Style with Perle and Spalt hops. 


5PM Tapping

Gin Enkel – This just might, possibly, maybe be the last keg of one of our most popular beers. Belgian table beer with spelt and rye aged in fresh Old Tom Gin barrels with apricots. 

Dark Czar – one off Baltic Porter / Imperial Stout blend with Stumptown Guatemala Finca el Injerto coffee and vanilla beans.

…plus a special to be announced keg from a friendly midwest brewery. 

Josh Grgas (left) and Michael Wright of The Commons Brewery (photo by J. Foyston)
Josh Grgas (left) and Michael Wright of The Commons Brewery (photo by J. Foyston)