Upcoming Events and Beer Releases at Portland U-Brew

Jason Webb, brewmaster at Portland U-Brew with a pint of ReFresh Hop Bloggerbrau

The goodly folks at Portland U-Brew have a lot going on during the month of December in addition to all the brewing in which they have to adhere. Gearing up for a festive holiday season, they’ve informed us about some interesting and flavorsome happenings at the popular Sellwood brewhouse and beyond:

Happy Holidays from all of us at Portland U-Brew & Pub! Here are a couple of events going on this month to keep you busy before the end of the year.

Dec 9th 4pm Firehouse 20 “Big Strong Smoky Red Ale” Release Party & Charity Drive for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!

About a month ago we had the off duty guys from our local Firehouse 20 come in to help us design and brew a beer. We’re pleased so to say it’s finally finished, and even better than we had expected! So come in Friday, December 9th to help us celebrate the tapping of our first “Firehouse 20 Big Strong Smoky Red Ale”, and help us raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Portland U-brew & Pub will also donate 50 cents for every pint of the Big Strong Smoky Red we sell!

Portland U-Brewers Jason Webb (left) and Aaron Gillham add crushed graham crackers to their S'more Beer

Sat Dec 10th 3pm #pdxbeergeeks & P.U.B. CDA Release Party

The #pdxbeergeeks is an odd assortment of all kinds of characters who all love beer more than they should in more than too many ways(ourselves included). Somehow we all ended up in the same place at the same time, and brewed a beer together with all our extraneous ingredients. We will all join forces once more to vanquish the dark CDA monster that we have created. Are you brave enough to join us?

Sun Dec 11th 3pm P.U.B. Mini-Christmasfest, and Winter Beer Competition!

Christmas time is a time of peace, brotherly love, and awesome winter beers! In a friendly competition we decided to come up with two separate, and two collaboration celebration beers to see which one is the best. Come try all four, and vote for your favorite!

Webb’s Wonderful Winter Warmer – Classic winter warmer with Jason’s special blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and Chocolate Mint Milano Cookies! 8% ABV 51 IBU’s

Portland U-Brewster Aaron Gillham with some fresh hops that we grew.Aaron’s Secret XMAS Ale – Brewed with a base of Bohemian Floor Malted Pilsner, and a symphony of 8 different specialty malts including toasted oats. Lots of hops reminiscent of “christmas trees” are used throughout to compliment the subtle notes of juniper berries, and late addition candy canes on the nose. Christmas in a glass! 9.4% ABV 66.6 IBU’s

P.U.B. Xmas Beer – Using just 2 row, Munich, and Crystal malts we combined all our favorite holiday beers together with German hops, and a Belgian yeast. We brewed it 2 months ago, and gave it some time to age, because this bad boy was way too naughty for Christmas. 8.7% ABV 51 IBU’s

Sugar Plum – This is the beer brewed during our 3rd Brewer’s Collective by our local homebrewers, and Vasili Gletsos from Laurelwood Brewing Co. Made half and half with Belgian and American grains this beer had a sugar plum slurry added to it in secondary. What’s a sugar plum slurry? Well it’s toasted almonds and hazelnuts blended with dates, apricots, honey, and classic Christmas spices. 7.6% ABV 62 IBU’s

Thursday Dec 15th 6pm P.U.B. Brewer’s Collective

All-Grain Brewing & Mash Tuns

One thing that a lot of homebrewers want to learn about is “All-Grain” brewing. One of my favorite things is to see all the different types of mash tuns people make, so I figured we could combine the two. We’re asking for anyone who can easily bring in their mash tun to do so. This will give you a chance to show off your engineering prowess, and let others see how many kinds of mash tuns are out there to be built. If you don’t have a MT, or cannot bring it in then don’t worry about it. There won’t be a guest speaker because I want YOU the homebrewers to be the star of this collective! Please email any questions to Aaron at cascadeale@gmail.com

Saturday Dec. 17th 6-10pm Single Hop Series at Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern

1004 North Killingsworth Street (503) 206-4252

Did you miss out on our first Single Hop Series event? Then lucky for you we’re teaming up with the folks at Saraveza to do it again! All 8 of our single hop beers will be on tap Saturday December 17th from 6-10 pm. Here at P.U.B. we love to experiment, and try new things. We also love to learn about our craft as much as possible. With that spirit in mind we created our own Single Hop Series. It’s 8 beers brewed with the same base, but using only 1 different type of hop for each batch. It’s a great way to learn the different bittering, aroma, and flavor characteristics of each hop. It’s definitely going to be a lot of fun, and we hope to see you there!

Single Hop Beers: Cascade, Centennial, Galaxy, Magnum, Perle, Sterling, Target, Tettnanger

Portland U-Brew's Clifford Web

Sat Dec 17th Mindy’s Beer Gear

Some of the coolest and most eye catching upcycled products I’ve seen yet! Mindy Humphrey can turn almost any 6 pack holder or beer label into your favorite accessory. She came in to brew an awesome citrus saison with us that we will be tapping while she sells her wares here at P.U.B. on Sat Dec 17th. You can also check out her full selection of items here on her website. These make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for anyone who loves beer so come in to check out Mindy’s awesome beer gear, and have a pint of her new creation!

Mindy Humphrey of Mindy's Beer Gear displays her cool handmade goods at The BeerMongers Killer Central Oregon Beer Night

Portland U-Brew is located at 6237 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Sellwood, in Portland, Oregon