100+ New Craft Beer Labels from the Pacific Northwest

Burnside Brewing Lime Kolsch

The burst of new craft beers coming out in the Northwest isn’t losing any steam. In fact there are several new and exciting beers making their way down the pipeline as you read this. Brewers from across the Northwest from Northern California to Alaska, Oregon to Idaho are dropping some mouthwatering treats that give us so much to be fired up about as we head into warmer days.

Pfriem Brewing CDASeveral new draught releases will be available soon from Hood River, Oregon’s Pfriem Family Brewers. Brewmaster Josh Pfriem and company are concocting a range of styles from Pilsner to Dark Strong Belgian-style beer. And anyone who has tasted the early releases from Pfriem is undoubtedly excited.

Widmer Brothers Brewing continues to set forth with some new experimental hop IPAs in the “X” series, an effort that assure their audience will remain loyally awaiting more evolutionary releases. There’s a lot to check out here, so have a gander at more than 100 new craft beer labels for bottles and kegs that you might want to check out if you can get ’em in your neck of the woods: