40 New Craft Beer Labels from the Pacific Northwest

Portland Brewing MacTarnahan's Amber Ale

Lots more craft beer labels have been submitted to the TTB (Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) for approval. Some noteworthy submissions from the Pacific Northwest include a bunch of redesigned keg neckers from the vastly expanding Ninkasi Brewing Co. of Eugene, Oregon.

We also noticed the latest re-brand of MacTarnahan’s, now going back to Portland Brewing. Side note: Recently North American Breweries Holdings LTD (NAB) who has run Pyramid, MacTarnahan’s, Magic Hat, Labatts, and more, was bought out by Cerveceria Costa Rica SA, a unit of Florida Ice and Farm Co., for $388M. More on this deal can be found here. Pyramid and Portland Brewing alike are putting forth a slew of new brands including some Belgo style releases, an oyster stout, new wheaten beers, and lagers.

Here’s a look at several new bottle and keg labels from across the Pacific Northwest:


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